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Texas Background Checks

Texas Vital Records Background Checks
The Vital Statistics Unit at the Texas Department of Health is the main starting point when looking for death, marriage, divorce and birth records. The starting year for both death and birth information to use in Texas background checks through this source is 1903. Marriage records are available from 1966 at the Vital Statistics Unit, while divorce information starts at1968.

Adoption records must be accessed through the Central Adoption Registry at the Texas Department of Protective Services. Other sources of Texas background check information are County Clerk Offices. If you know the county in which an event such as an adoption, birth, marriage, divorce or death occurred, contacting the County Clerk Office in that specific area may help complete Texas background checks. Knowing the name of the county is important when going this route as there are over 250 counties in the state of Texas.

Texas Criminal Background Check

Here are the current fees for common Texas vital records as well as background check contact information:

*Birth Certificate – 1903 to present – $22 for any number of copies
*Marriage Record – 1966 to present – $20
(Note: The Texas state office doesn’t have certified copies.)
*Divorce Record – 1968 to present – $20
(Note: The Texas state office doesn’t have certified copies.)
*Death Certificate – 1903 to1992 – $20 for the first copy, additional copies are $3 each

Personal checks or money orders should be made payable to Vital Statistics Unit:
Vital Statistics Unit

Texas Department of Health
PO Box 12040
Austin, TX 78711-2040

While some individuals prefer to conduct public record background checking on their own, others choose to hire commercial companies that are reliable and affordable. The waiting times, processing fees and search times may vary in either method. For Texas background checks, the processing times typically span between 2 to 8 weeks. The full name and sex of the person the Texas background check concerns should accompany the payment and request. If the parents’ names or other vital information is known, this should be added as well.

To find an adoption record in Texas, contact the Central Adoption Registry:
Central Adoption Registry
Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services
Austin, TX 78714-9030

Texas Criminal Background Checks
In addition to schools such as the University of Texas typically do background checks to verify student achievement and scholarship credentials. The cost is usually covered by the student and is currently $40 payable to the Office of Student Affairs. The Texas Medical Board also does periodic background checking of licensees to find out if doctors have a criminal history.

Texas criminal background checks are also conducted by any legal resident with the motive to know the truth about someone for protection reasons. Misdemeanor records may be found through county courts, while felony records are located at district courts in Texas. The Texas State Repository and the Texas Sex Offender Registry are other sources for criminal background checks. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedures 62.3 does mean that not all sex offenders may be listed in the public sex offender databases.

Concerns or questions about Texas criminal background checks may be presented to:
Texas Department of Public Safety
Crime Records Service
5805 North Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78752-4422

Texas Department of Public Safety
Criminal History Name Search information: (866) 220-0679

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