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Tennessee Background Checks

Tennessee Vital Records Background Checks
In Tennessee, requests for records such as birth certificates must typically be made by the person named on the document or his or her parent, guardian, child or spouse. Exceptions to this may be legal representatives of those persons. Authorized persons who are requesting vital records for Tennessee background checks or other purposes must complete an application form and have government-issued ID that contains their signature.

Valid ID must also be provided for the subject of the Tennessee vital records search. If a person other than the individual named on the record is requesting a copy of the document, he or she must also provide a signed statement from the named individual. This statement is to permit the release of the individual’s information from the Tennessee Office of Vital Records to the requester.

Tennessee Criminal Background Check

Most in person vital records requests, such as those used for Tennessee background checks, can be completed on a ‘while you wait’ basis. Mailed requests that include photocopies of the required valid ID may take an average of 6 weeks processing time, but 2 day expedition is available for a $5 fee.

Long form birth certificates, as well as marriage and divorce records, have a search fee of $15 with additional copies of the same certificate ordered at the same time priced at $5. Short form birth certificates are $8, with the fee for additional copies at $5. Death certificates ordered from the Tennessee Office of Vital Records have a fee of $7 for both the first copy and additional copies. Long form birth certificates for Tennessee background checks may be more helpful than the short form type as they usually contain the hospital name, the parents’ addresses and the parents’ dates of birth.

The Tennessee Office of Vital Records
1st Floor, Central Services Building
421 5th Ave. North
Nashville, TN 37243

Phone: (615) 741-1763

Walk in hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am – 4pm
Tuesday and Thursday 8am – 6pm

Tennessee Criminal Background Checks
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) is the main state repository for criminal history data that includes fingerprint based felony arrests and misdemeanors. The TBI provides public access to two main types of Tennessee background checks, so you should specify the kind that best meets your needs when doing a criminal history search. Name based criminal background checks and fingerprint-based procedures are the two available data services.

The Tennessee Applicant Processing Service (TAPS) section of the TBI’s automated system, checks fingerprints to provide a criminal background search for the residents in the State. This may also be conducted for Tennessee background checks for volunteers in an organization for one reason. A fingerprint search can help ensure that the name matches the subject or an individual may be using an alias.

A name based search alone without fingerprinting may only relate to an alias, so this should be taken into consideration when you’re conducting Tennessee background checks. But, a name search can determine the criminal history matched to that particular name and anyone may conduct this type of background check in accordance with the Tennessee Open Records Information Services (TORIS). The TORIS check offered by the TBI is $29 per name searched. The subject’s full name, date of birth, sex and race are required.

TBI’s Applicant Processing Unit
901 RS Gass Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37216

Phone: (615) 744-4000
TBI’s Applicant Processing Unit (for employers)
Phone: (615) 744-4095

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