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Student Background Check

Many colleges and universities require a student background check today. Not only is the purpose of this kind of screening to verify the student’s educational background and credentials, but also to check for a criminal past for the sake of the safety of the faculty and other students. Typically, schools have official background check forms that the student must fill out with his or her personal information.

A student form requiring the person’s signed permission to get a background check usually asks for copies of identification as well as degrees or certificates earned. Transcripts of grades and copies of financial student aid application forms may also be required. Past Student ID Numbers can help track down information in this type of background check, so a place to write this identifier is often included on an educational institution’s search form.

Student Criminal Background Check

Credentials Verification
In order to maintain the integrity of program quality, colleges and universities want to be sure that students have earned the required prerequisites, passing grades and prior degrees specified for their next level of study. A student background check is done to rule out fraud. Another reason that identification, diplomas, degrees, certificates and transcripts are verified is in the case of competition for scholarships, bursaries or other student awards. For the sake of the continuation of these awards to help put deserving students through school, only those who are truly eligible can request them. Schools must weed out any dishonest applications or risk not being able to offer cost saving incentives such as scholarships to attract high quality students.

Safety is a big reason why a student background check should include a criminal history search. Educational institutions today are sensitive to the need to protect and prevent, as much as possible, a potential student massacre such as those that have occurred in the past. People must remember though that juvenile records are typically not allowed to be reviewed in a student background check, so every other effort in the interest of campus safety must be made to avoid a potential tragedy. Drug testing and fingerprinting procedures may be conducted in student background checks – especially in fields such as caregiving, health services, education and social work.

Student Permission
Colleges and universities require the students permission for a background check in writing. Any nicknames, aliases and/or maiden names should be reported on the background checking form by the student. His or her Social Security Number, Student iD Number and date of birth should also be provided. In some schools, such as medical colleges, a fingerprint based student background search is typically required.

In any type of school environment, the student often must pay for any background checking costs such as fingerprinting, drug testing or record search fees. The student also must typically order and make an effort to get the screenings done on his or her own time and be in complete compliance with school rules. The results of the student background check is then typically sent from the investigative bureau or office to both the student and school. In some cases, the school orders and pays for each student’s background check and collects signed information and permission forms from the students. Quality background check services companies are prepared for either institutional or individual search requests.

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