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St. Johns County Background Check

The Records Unit under St. Johns’ County Sheriff office was designated to be the official venue for records searches and background checks. They compile a variety of legal documents coming from the different local law enforcement agencies in the County. Today, they even made the information available on their official website showing the following archives on the list of wanted persons, sex offenders or predators, online portal for the inmate details, and other reports that are filed and documented within the local community.

The Records office primarily does accommodate all the background check requests and arrest records application. These are the two main services being offered to public as mandated by law in the effort to show transparency to the legitimate citizens in the County. But, these two are not the only things they do in the said office. They also provide information on general incident reports, traffic crash reports, seals and expunges for arrests, traffic violations and other legal matters. You may also visit the office of the clerk of court to supply you with the same data as they too are keeping such official documents.

St. Johns County Criminal Background Check

To initiate the background check request, you can email the Records Unit, call by phone, or simply fax them with the complete details of your request. A requestor only needs to supply the basic information about the subject, if the information is not enough then he or she has to ask the Records Unit to do the search for you but it should come with a fee since it is already an added task. More, the requestor must present some valid identification to prove that he or she is a legitimate resident in St. John and therefore becomes eligible to perform the request. On the other note, the searches nowadays can actually be done through the county’s website where the vital data are recorded.

For instance, if you are searching for the wanted list in St. John you can instantly do it by viewing it through the County Sheriff’s website. In such section, you will immediately see the photos of these wanted individuals with their personal particulars so they can be recognized by the public right away. It shows the full name of the suspect, home address and the charges filed against him or her. You will also get to view the warrants of arrest if you wanted to verify if there was actually an order from the court to arrest the said individuals. An inmate search is also available on the sheriff’s site. It only requires very minimal details about the subject so you can get the search going.

Parents can also make a quick check on the registered sex offenders who actually live within the locality by visiting the sheriff site’s page on sex offenders. So, this online approach to providing information for public consumption is an edge which gives everybody great benefits more especially for their safety and peace. Today, running a background check can be accomplished even at home or anywhere else for as long as there is Internet access. You only need to pay for the quick service to get a comprehensive result of your history searches.

Procedure to run a criminal background check in St. Johns

  • Contact the Records Unit under the Sheriff’s office in the county
  • Requests can be done via email, phone call or via fax
  • Provide the basic information of the subject including the full name, date of birth, gender and location. Also, supply your information as the records requestor
  • Bring valid identifications so you can be allowed to do the request
  • Simple searches on warrants, sex offenders, wanted list, and inmate details can be done through the Sheriff’s official webpage

St. Johns County Florida Background Check

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