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South Carolina Background Checks

South Carolina Vital Records Background Checks
Copies of birth, death, marriage and divorce documents are available from South Carolina Vital Records Services with a completed application form, valid photo ID and the required fee. Each vital record copy, which may be used for South Carolina background checks, is $12 with additional copies of the same certificate ordered at the same time for $3. If the document isn’t found, the search fee still applies.

The valid photo ID that must accompany South Carolina vital records requests may be government or school issued identification.To request a birth certificate from Vital Records Services, the full name of the father and maiden name of the mother should be included on the application form. The date and county of birth should also be added. When conducting South Carolina background checks, it’s important to note that that long form birth certificates are used by Vital Records Services.

South Carolina Criminal Background Check

The long form birth certificate in South Carolina includes the subject’s name, date of birth, county of birth and mother’s maiden name. It also contains the father’s name if this was included on the original birth record. The issue date and state file number are also a part of long form birth certificates that may be helpful in South Carolina background checks.

Marriage certificates are available from Vital Records Services from July 1950 to December 2010. Certificate copies for marriages that occurred in South Carolina outside those dates must be requested from the county court where the license was issued. Divorce records outside of the dates of July 1962 and December 2010 should also be sought from the county court where the divorce was granted rather than Vital Records. .

South Carolina Department of Health and Environment
Vital Records Services
2600 Bull St.
Columbia, SC 29201

Phone: (803) 898-3630

South Carolina Criminal Background Checks
The Citizens’ Access to Criminal Histories (CATCH) program of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) assists the public in criminal background checks. Fingerprint based South Carolina background checks are considered more reliable than name based searches. When a fingerprinting check can’t be conducted, for whatever reason, the name version usually can be, so SLED offers both types of South Carolina criminal background checks.

In South Carolina, the law allows the public to perform criminal checks on nannies, volunteers and other persons. False positives and inaccurate criminal search results may be avoided if subjects’ names are spelled correctly and aliases are considered for searching. Each name searched by SLED has a $25 fee. For non-profit organizations and school districts, this fee may be reduced to $8.

If possible, the name and date of birth for the subject being searched in South Carolina background checks should be used from his or her valid, photo ID. The subject’s Social Security Number, if known, should also be provided to SLED for the search.

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED)
PO Box 21398
Columbia, SC 29221

Phone: (803) 737-9000 (General information)
(803) 896-1443 (Record check and expungement info)

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