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Santa Clara County Background Check

Background checks have, over the past few years, gained in popularity that almost every concern does them before making a decision. In a way, this is not surprising, because background checks provide information, and decision are always made by people after taking into consideration the information that is available at the time that they are going to make the said decision. It makes sense, therefore, that before a decision should be made, the person making the decision should have as much information available as possible, and Santa Clara County Background Check provides information. The information that is provided by this procedure ranges from the inconsequential to the very important such as criminal past, credit history, and even whether or not the person who is the target of the search is actually still alive.

Background checks are conducted through two possible methods. The first method is through field work and this used to be the preferred method, but then people realized that the people that they are interviewing may not even know the subject of the search, and even if they did, they had to take into consideration the fact that the information being asked for in their interviews may not even be known by those that are being interviewed. Thus, the second method gained in popularity and this method is through the use of public records. At the onset, it is easy to see why this is now the preferred method. Records used in this method are considered public records, and aside from the fact that they are available to the public, they are also afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity, especially if they had been certified.

Santa Clara County Criminal Background Check

There are a number of offices where copies of these records that could be used for background checks could be located, and one of these offices is the office of the district attorney which requires these records for their mandate. As these records are public records, the office of the district attorney is bound to show them to people upon request.

A request for records at the office of the district attorney begins with the searcher arriving at the office of the district attorney. Once there, the searcher should make his way to the records department of the office and make his request there. The records keeper would then query the searcher with as much specific information as the searcher possibly could provide in regards to the record that he is searching for, and those specific information would then be inputted in the search database of the office. If there are records, the records keeper would get the same and present them to the searcher who could then request that copies of the same be made. Copies costs one dollar per page of the record, and one must note that the office of the district attorney could not certify the copy that they would issue as only the recorder could do that.

Of course, since such procedure takes time to complete, the searcher could chose to do his search online as this is faster and more efficient. There are a number of online databases that a user could use to complete such searches, and because of their sheer number, they are easy to find. They are even easier to use, with these departments providing the same information as the government offices and agencies, though in a faster and more efficient manner with some not even charging anything for the use of their databases. There are even some that provide background check reports already, but these require time and could cost hundreds of dollars to make.

The procedure to request for copies of records at the office of the district attorney is provided below

  • Head over to the records division of the office of the district attorney
  • Request for copies of records. The records keeper would query you on specific information, so you should try to provide as much specific information as you could.
  • Using the information that you had provided, the records keeper shall determine if they have records at their records division.
  • If there are records, the records keeper would then leave to get the same. If there are no records, the records keeper would inform you of the same. You may then ask for a certification reflecting the fact that there are no records in the district attorney office.
  • Once you have certified that the records presented are the one that you seek, request for a copy of the same. If these are not the records, inform the records keeper of the same.
  • If the records are not the ones you are searching for, it is possible that there are other records, so check those as well. If none of the records are the ones that you are looking for, then there are no records in the office. In such a case, request for a certification reflecting the same.
  • Pay the required fee at the cashier.
  • Return to the records division with the receipt as proof of payment before claiming your copies.

Santa Clara County California Background Check

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