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Pennsylvania Background Checks

The Division of Vital Records of Pennsylvania Department of Health maintains Birth and Death Records of the State since 1906 up to the present. These documents are not open to the public and, thus, cannot be released under the provisions of Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know-Law. Meanwhile, Marriage and divorce certificates filed in Pennsylvania are available at the Courthouse in the County where the marriage license was issued or divorce decree was granted. Only certain people can request the mentioned files namely: the subject named on the certificate (excluding death); a Legal representative or an immediate family member. Three ways to obtain a certified copy of a birth and death certificate are through online order, mail requests and walk-in at the respective public offices. A $10 and $9 fee for each certified copy of Birth and Death correspondingly is mandatory which should be paid through check or money order to Vital Records. Fees may vary for Marriage and Divorce Records.

For Criminal Records, the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) maintains the criminal history database of the State Central Repository. Two ways to obtain a criminal file: online request and mail request. The PSP established a web-based computer application called “Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History,” (PATCH) for requesting individuals can applying for a criminal background check on another individual. For mail requests, a Criminal History Request Form – SP4-164 must be accomplished and submitted with a $10 money order or certified check payable to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Criminal Background Check

State Department Contact Details:
Pennsylvania State Department of Health
Vital Records
101 South Mercer Street
New Castle, PA 16101
Telephone: (724) 656-3100

Pennsylvania State Police
Bureau of Records and Identification
1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Telephone: (717) 783-5556

All the above mentioned documents are important factors in conducting Pennsylvania Background Checks. If you are pressed in time, another alternative in obtaining those records is to go through a professional record retriever online. With this option, background checking would be more convenient and hassle-free as wide-range of detailed results will be readily available in just a few simple clicks. Give it a try!

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