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Oregon Background Checks

The Oregon’s Vital Records Office is responsible for registering, certifying, amending, and issuing vital records such as Birth, Marriage, Divorce, and Death that occur in Oregon. The Center for Health Statistics has Birth and Death Records dating from 1903; Marriage records from 1906; and Divorce certificates from 1925.The non-refundable fee for walk-in and mail requests is $20 for the first copy of a certificate while orders requested by fax, telephone, Internet or mail and billed to credit cards will be charged $32.50 for the first record. Additional copies of the same record ordered at the same time cost $15 each. Applications must include complete vital record information such as full name of the subject, date and place of the event, father and mother’s full name and purpose. Average waiting time to receive a record is 15-20 minutes for walk-in, 1 day for orders requested fax, phone and online, and 5 weeks for mail requests.

The Oregon State Police Open Records Section provides Criminal Records that contain any conviction information and any report of an arrest less than one year old in which there has been no acquittal or dismissal. Requesting a criminal history check on an individual can be done automatically through the State’s official website or by mail or fax. A request form must be completed by the applicant along with the subject’s name, date of birth, and mailing address. If an address cannot be provided the request cannot be processed. The fee is $10 per request. A paper copy of the criminal history will be mailed via US Postal Mail 14 days after the date it was processed.

Oregon Criminal Background Check

State Department’s Contact Info.
Oregon Vital Records Office
800 NE Oregon Street
Portland, OR 97232
Telephone: (971) 673-1190

Oregon State Police
Open Records Section
3772 Portland Rd. NE
Salem, OR 97303
Telephone: (503) 378-3070

Aside from the government services mentioned above, another alternative can be used for Oregon Background Checks. Using the internet, an individual can access pertinent records in a much quicker and time-saving manner. Free services are offered by some record retrievers online. Such costless source is suitable for individuals who want a glimpse of an individual’s profile. For serious matters, though, like performing background checks, shifting to a paid records provider is most recommended for an updated and well maintained result of facts. Such fee based online services provide a wide range of detail vital reports with great credibility and security.

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