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New Mexico Background Checks

New Mexico Vital Records Background Checks
In New Mexico, only immediate family members or legally authorized persons may access another person’s vital records information. Birth certificates are only considered as public records 100 years after the birth date, while it is 50 years for death certificates to become accessible to the public. If you are conducting Louisiana background checks on yourself or a family member, you can most likely obtain birth or death certificate copies from the Department of Health, Vital Records.

A certified copy of a New Mexico birth certificate is $10. The relationship of the requestor to the person named on the certificate must be included on the signed request form or a signed letter. The letter or form must also include the subject’s birth name, birth date, county of birth, mother’s full and maiden name and father’s full name, if known. The fee must be paid by check or money order payable to New Mexico Vital Records. In person counter service for birth certificate copies, that may be used for New Mexico background checks, is available. The Vital Records office is closed between 11am – 5pm on the first Tuesday of each month.

New Mexico Criminal Background Check

Death certificates are $5 per copy from the New Mexico Department of Health, Vital Records. A signed request form or letter must accompany the fee. The reason for the death certificate copy request, such as New Mexico family or self background checks, as well as the relationship of the requestor to the deceased, must be included. Copies of marriage and divorce documents are not available from the Department. They can be accessed by authorized persons from the County Clerk in the county where the marriage was licensed or divorce was granted.

New Mexico Department of Health
Vital Records Division
PO Box 25767
1105 South St. Francis Drive
Albuquerque, NM 87125

Phone: 1-866-534-0051

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 – 4pm
(Closed between 12pm -1pm daily as well as between 11am – 5pm on the first Tuesday of every month.)

New Mexico Criminal Background Checks
The New Mexico Department of Public Safety supplies criminal background checks for government agencies and the public. Public requests for accident records or offense incident reports must be submitted using a Written Request Form. When conducting these types of New Mexico background checks, the requestor must provide the county where the accident or offense took place, the type of incident and the name, date of birth and Social Security Number of the person or persons involved.

The requestor’s name, address and phone number is also needed. The fee for this public records access is $1 for the first page and 25 cents for each additional page. The criminal records’ Written Request Form must be signed by the requestor. The government agency fees for New Mexico background checks for arrest records are $44 with either an electronic or manual submission. An administration fee of $3.75 applies to these criminal record requests.

New Mexico Department of Public Safety
Records Bureau
PO Box 1628
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1628

Phone: (505) 827-9181

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