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Montana Background Check

The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Vital Records Division is a good place to start conducting Montana Background Checks. This office provides complete indexes of Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Records for the public. Documents from 1907 for Birth and Death Records and from 1943 for Marriage and Divorce files can be retrieved by the said office at $12.00 a copy and $ 5.00 for additional copies. For marriage and divorce files dated earlier than 1943, applications should be addressed to the Clerk of District Court where the event was documented. Orders can be done through online (for Birth and Death Records only), phone, or mail. Processing time for mailed requests would take approximately 2 – 3 weeks from date of receipt.

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The Montana Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) of Montana maintains the central database of the state’s Criminal Records and fingerprints for background checks. It is also responsible for keeping the state’s Sex Offender Registry as well as its Criminal Justice Information Network (CJIN). The public can search through an online system for $11.50 and by mail for $10 per search. Requests will be responded within 72hrs from the time of the receipt. These files can be requested by phone, mail or fax in all 56 districts of the state. Information such as Date of Request, Name of Person, Date of Birth, Name of Requestor, Relationship to the Subject, or Reason for Request must be provided upon request.

Montana Criminal Background Check

Montana Department Contact Information
Office of Vital Statistics
Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
P. O. Box 4210
111 North Sanders, Rm 209
Helena, MT 59604-4210
(406) 444-2685
Fax: (406) 444-1803

Division of Criminal Investigation
Montana Department of Justice
2225 11th Avenue
P.O. Box 200151
Helena, MT 59620-0151
Phone: (406) 444-3874

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