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Michigan Background Checks

Michigan Vital Records Background Checks
The State of Michigan Vital Records Office has birth, death, marriage and divorce records available. Under Michigan law, only the person named on a birth certificate, or his or her parent, guardian or legal representative, can request a copy of the document. Valid photo identification is required. For Michigan background checks, death, marriage and divorce document copies can be requested by anyone.

Document copies may be ordered from the Vital Records Office in person, by mail or by telephone for a search fee of $26. Additional documents are available at $10. Postage fees apply with the amount varying on the speed of delivery requested. As a general rule only, regular mail typically takes about 5 weeks to process, with rush delivery being about 3 weeks, so this time is something to keep in mind when doing Michigan background checks.

Michigan Criminal Background Check

An authenticated record featuring the Great Seal of Michigan is available for $29 with extra copies priced at $15. These documents will usually take several weeks longer than the standard vital record copies. For walk in service, a $10 rush fee may be required for same day service. Cash, credit cards or money orders are acceptable payment options for walk in customers. Mail order requests for vital records used in Michigan background checks must be accompanied by a money order or check payable to the State of Michigan.

Here is the contact information:
The State of Michigan
Vital Records Office
201 Townsend St.
Capitol View Bldg., 3rd Floor
Lansing, MI 48913

Open Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm
Orders must be submitted by 3pm for same day service.
Wait times may be 2 hours.

Phone: (517) 335-8556 to have an application mailed.
Phone: (517) 335-8666 for any questions.

Michigan Criminal Background Checks
The Michigan State Police Criminal Justice Information Center has public records, including felonies and misdemeanors, available for Michigan background checks. Supressed or sealed records as well as tribal files and warrants aren’t available.

Free resident access, using the Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT), may be available to non-profit charities with the necessary identification. The ICHAT search tool is available to anyone for $10 per search. Volunteers who work with children or seniors, as well as other names searched in ICHAT, should be checked with their full name, sex, race and date of birth (DOB).

Other information, if available, that is helpful on Michigan background checks is any alias and/or maiden name. The public criminal records in the Michigan State Police database don’t include federal information, but only details about events occuring in the state. To access the information as a non-profit charity, you must be issued a code which may be obtained by fax at (517) 241-0866. The estimated number of Michigan background check criminal searches you’re likely to need per year should accompany your request. Your charity’s name and a 501C3 government letter confirming its non-profit status must also be presented.

The contact information is:
Michigan State Police
Criminal Justice Information Center
333 S. Grand Ave.
PO Box 30634
Lansing, MI 48909-0634

Phone: (517) 332-2521

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