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Madera County Background Checks

Background checks refer to the process of finding out the past history of the subject of the search through the use of resources. Background checks could be conducted on a wide spectrum, but over the past few years, there is one form of background check that had gained in popularity so much that it is virtually a requirement in many everyday procedure such as hiring people or approving loans, and this is criminal background checks. Madera County Background Checks had become necessary owing to the changing nature of the world, hence, people wants to know more about the people that they interact with everyday because they want to be assured that they are interacting with people who are not likely to run away when a loan becomes due or rob the store that they are supposed to be guarding when the owner is not looking.

While there are firms that specialized in providing background information services, these firms typically charge upwards of hundreds of dollars and their searches took a long time. Fortunately, background checks could be conducted by a lone person, and though he would be having trouble with interviewing people, contrary to what is shown in popular media, background checks are actually conducted more inside four walls rather than in the field. This is because background checks are conducted more and more using official records and public documents that contain information that are presumably true.

Madera County Criminal Background Check

Arrest records, court records, and prison records are three of the most important sources of information that one could use when conducting background checks, but by no means are these records the only sources that one could use. Note, however, that the originals of these records are kept at separate locations and for the originals; the searcher may have to visit the different departments. Fortunately, there are copies of these records under one roof in the office of the county records because it is the duty of the recorder to keep, maintain, and secure these records for reasons of posterity.

In order to obtain a copy of a record that could be used in criminal background checks, the searcher would personally have to go to the office of the recorder. California law severely restricts the amount of information that government offices could post online, and because of this, there is no online public access database that could be used by the public. Personal search is the only option available. Once permission is given, and it is almost always given as a matter of public policy, the searcher could then search for the records, though it is suggested that he request for the assistance of a member of the staff for this search. Once the record had been located, what is left is to ask for a copy of the document, and this would be done after the searcher had paid the required copying fee which stands at one dollar per page, plus two dollars for certification for every document.

While there is no government affiliated public access online database that a searcher could use, there are a lot of non-government affiliated online databases that could be used in this endeavor. Although they present the same data as the government databases, these private databases are often free to use in addition to the fact that they are faster, more efficient, and because they are done online, there are no lines to fall into. They do not even require the searcher to leave his or her home in order to conduct the search. There are some that do provide the actual background check themselves, but these cost upwards of hundreds of dollars and do take many days, sometimes months, to complete.

The procedure to obtain prison records from the probation office is given below

  • Head over to the probation office
  • Locate their records department and inform the staff member on duty of your intention to obtain copies of records.
  • The staff member on duty would ask for the specifics of the records that you wish to obtain.
  • The staff member would then search the database of the probation office for the record at the same time that you would be given an order form that you must complete.
  • Submit the order form once you have completed it. By this time, the staff member may have already located the file, but in case it has not been located yet, wait for the staff member to locate the same.
  • If there is no record in the office, the staff member would inform you of the same and you could ask for a certification from the staff member that there are no records in the office. Such certification costs two dollars per document and payable at the cashier.
  • Once the records had been located, request for a copy of the same.
  • The staff member on duty would then determine your required fee in accordance with the pages on the record and the number of copies that you requested for.
  • The fee would be indicated in the work order and you would be asked to pay the fee at the cashier.
  • After paying the fee, return to the records division and claim your copy by presenting your receipt.

Madera County California Background Check

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