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Idaho Background Checks

Anyone can perform an Idaho Background Check including non-law enforcement, non-criminal justice agencies and the general public through the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI). This agency is responsible to provide such verifications for licensing, employment screening purposes or personal inquiries. Usually, these data are coming from criminal justice agencies in the region. However, if an arrest fingerprint card is not submitted, consequently such data will not be available in its criminal history database. In this case, the local agency is the best source to acquire information. There are two classifications of conducting such exploration in this bureau: one is through fingerprints and next is via name matching.

To run a name-based exploration, fill up the appropriate request form and pay a fee of $10. Payments accepted are via cash, check or credit/debit card and requests can only be achieved through walk-in or mail and are processed on first come first serve basis. Take note that the sought after individual may be using multiple names or aliases, thus such matter could affect the result of the examination. In the meantime, to apply via fingerprint, you must submit a complete set of inked and rolled fingerprints on an applicant fingerprint card with the designated claim form and requisite fee of $10. Fingerprint cards should indicate the name of the subject, alias names, current address, citizenship, descriptive information, date and place of birth, reason for being fingerprinted and signature of the concerned individual. Similarly, this method does not admit telephone or fax requests, only mail or hand-in.

Idaho Criminal Background Check

To get a more detailed description on the requirements and processes, you may call or mail questions to the Idaho State Police at:
Idaho State Police
Idaho State Police Headquarters
700 S. Stratford Dr., Meridian, ID 83642
(208) 884-7000

Trusting anyone easily these days is a big no-no. However, do not fret because there are many ways to look into the records of a person minus the hassle. Apart from the routine procedure at government offices which takes ample time and effort, you now have the chance to single-handedly accomplish this by yourself in your own home or working space. By relying on a web-based account service provider, you will get results instantly and accurately. Through a small payment to cost-based websites, a sure trustworthy result can be expected in minutes.

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