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How To Do A Background Check

The easiest way to explain how to do a background check is that it should be about tracking down information on a subject from many different sources. A few vital statistics on the individual is necessary to start with in order for that to lead to other information. A simple, instant type of background check can be conducted by entering the subject’s name into a database, but the more sources in which information about a person is sought, the more comprehensive the resulting data is going to be.

Name Vs Fingerprint Checks
Fingerprint based background checks such as those conducted by police departments or bureaus of investigation are always going to be more complete than a name search alone. This is because all of the allowable criminal records connected not only to the name, but with the fingerprints, will be matched up. Remember though that sealed or expunged, or in many cases, juvenile, criminal records won’t count. Furthermore, the laws in some states only allow convictions in criminal history reports and not pending arrests. The proper method of how to do a background check based on the subject’s name only is to also include any maiden names or aliases the person is known to use or have used. It’s also important to check for the correct spelling of the subject’s name or a false positive or false negative result could occur.

How To Do A Background Check On Someone

Understanding The Scope
Whether you’re conducting a background search yourself or outsourcing it to a screening services company, it’s crucial to understand what different possible aspects are being checked. If you’re paying for an “instant nationwide search” that is often advertised by background check online companies, keep in mind that this isn’t likely to include different databases and sources. Surprisingly, a “nationwide search” may glaze over statewide information that could be helpful in finding the data you need. Make sure what you’ll need will be included in the search.

By understanding the limitations of any search, specifically what is not going to be covered and what will be checked, you can better fill in the data profile for your subject. One crucial part of how to do a background check is to never assume anything or rule out something unless it’s what you have proven to be accurate and true.

Possible Background Check Sources
There are many free places to start a background check online. Facebook and other social networking sites can help provide information on the subject’s interests and hobbies. These may lead to contacts for interviews. Websites such as LinkedIn often include resume information such as a previous work history and names of schools attended. Contact names on both sites may provide character information about the subject and a comprehensive type of background check will include personal interviews with the individual’s family members, friends, colleagues or supervisors.

All states have at least some type of public information available. Sex offender registries are maintained by many state police departments in the interest of public safety. Many state police departments will also supply accident and offense reports if permissible by state law and if the requestor can provide the required details of the incident.

For employment resumes, ask for at least three references and check them all out. Allow enough time to be able to contact all of the persons the applicant listed as references. One thing to remember in how to do a background check is to follow all laws that pertain to your state. If you’re not sure of what they are, check with the state police department and vital records statistics bureau. In many incidences, you’ll need to notify your subject of your background search and obtain his or her written permission to do the check.

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