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Hillsborough County Background Check

The Records and Reports division in Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office is the place to go to when in search for legal data which will be leveraged for doing a background check. The said office has created the Records Section as per the Florida State Statute 119.00 where records are updated on a regular basis and can be accessed by anybody for as long as you submit a formal application. If your request requires a lot of research time then you will have to pay $16.00 per copy as per the policy imposed by the Sheriff’s office.

There are two ways in which you can obtain a copy of the legitimate records in the county. First, would be through a name-based request and second would be through mail. The name-based check is simply done by both electronic and manual means. Electronic means you simply access the sheriff’s official website and find the section which says Name Search Request. You only need to input a few details including the complete name of the subject, date of birth, time period of search and then the contact information of the requesting party.

Hillsborough County Criminal Background Check

On the other hand, if you are too far from the office then you can of course just send your request by mail. The following charges include $.15 per page for single-sided copies, $.20 per page for double-sided copies, and $1.00 per copy for the certified copies. Again, the fees would depend on how much information you would want to get. And then, you will have to complete a records request form and mail it to the Records Section under the Sheriff’s office. But before you turn it in to the office concerned you should first have it notarized for some legal reason. Also, note that rates could change over time that’s why you need to contact the sheriff’s office to check as to whether or not prices are still the same or have changed already.

Background checking is a crucial job to do for it could save a lot of people from harm. Companies usually do this in order sustain their operations with their employees having clean records. Actually, the other local law enforcement agencies are also capable to delivering legal information when people approach them for such a request. These agencies include the Highway Patrol, Narcotics department and the other enforcement units.

The traditional way of obtaining these documents could take much of your time; hence, it is best that you explore the modern way of performing the background check. You only need to scout for a good website which offers you the right service, which means the one that supplies you with the right amount of information. Once you have found that site then you should be on the right direction to getting the essential facts which you will use in doing a background check on people. Plus, this entire process can be accomplished discreetly at home or wherever you want for as long as you have access to the Internet.

Guide to do a background check in Hillsborough:

  • Visit the Sheriff’s Department to inquire on how to get started with the search
  • The search can be either done via mail or name-based check
  • You only need to present a valid ID for your application to be honored
  • The search can also be done through a computer-based search

Hillsborough County Florida Background Check

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