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Hawaii Background Checks

Under the Department of the Attorney General, the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center is the main repository for all criminal records all over Hawaii. Thus, conducting Hawaii Background Check may be sourced out form this office anytime. To date, it provides both name and fingerprint services. To avail fingerprint exploration, you just need to submit clear set of fingerprints from the person concerned or add information like social security number, sex and date of birth to narrow down the search for name-based investigation. In this region, arrest accounts that resulted in convictions are deemed public document and may be availed by members of society at designated government offices. However arrest records which resulted to non-convictions or are still pending are reckoned to be confidential and cannot be accessed by anyone except criminal justice agencies and authorized bureaus by Hawaii law.

A name-based Adult Criminal Web Site for exploring history of a person is also provided by the State of Hawaii. A fee of $15.00 for every printed duplicate is to be paid through credit card. Public access sites are also open for walk-in queries. Aside from the name, you should provide social security number, gender and birth date of the individual you are seeking and pay $15.00 through cash, cashier check, or money order. For fingerprint check, $20.00 is called for. However, sex offender record printout is free of charge. You also have an option to request the legal records to do the examination for you for a cost of $20.00 per document.

Hawaii Criminal Background Check

Simply complete an application form at the HCJDC office or write them at:
Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center
465 S. King Street, Room 101
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 587-3100

These days, you can never be too sure of the history of an individual. Thus, the need to investigate is critical for your safety as well as your family. At present, you can opt for speedier and more convenient access to these databases through the Internet. There are third-party file retrievers that can do such search for you in a matter of minutes. Just pay a nominal fee and you get accurate data in no time.

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