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Glenn County Background Check

Imagine a family that is newly moved into the neighborhood. This family does not know anyone in their new neighborhood, and their new neighbors know nothing about them. Of course, the best method of bridging the gap of the unknown between this new family and the old residents would be for them to interact with each other, but one must also remember that often, people hide something from others, consciously or unconsciously, because they want to give out their best impression. In the given scenario, there are actually many parties who would be benefited by a procedure known as the Glenn County Background Check and those parties would be the newly moved family and their neighbors.

Fortunately, background checks are relatively easy to conduct. This is because background checks, contrary to what is shown in media, often require only the checking and cross-checking of records and documents that are part of the classification known as non-vital public records. This classification ensures that they are available to the public at all times, though one must still follow the procedure prescribed by the office where they are kept before one could access them. The most important type of non-vital public records used in background checks, though by no means the only one, are arrest records, court records, and prison records.

Glenn County Criminal Background Check

These records are filed at different offices, so the originals remain at those offices, but copies of the same could be located at two locations. The first is the Office of the Recorder, and this is because the recorder is the official custodian of all public records filed within the boundaries of the county. The other location is the superior court of the county where the event happened. This is because the superior court requires these records for their files. Court records are not the only pieces of evidences that a court would consider when making decisions, often, they have to take into consideration the manner that the defendant is arrested and whether or not the defendant had been arrested before.

The procedure to obtain records that may be of use in background checks at the superior court is started with the searcher actually appearing before the superior court. Unfortunately, there is currently no online procedure that a searcher could use when asking for copies of records at this office. The records department of the superior court is the first department that a searcher should go to, and it is here where the searcher should ask for copies of the record. A member of the staff would actually search the record for you, but you may assist the member of the staff and in so doing, the searcher may come across some other records that you may wish to procure as well. Once the record had been located, the searcher may ask for a copy of the same, though the searcher has to pay for the copying fee which is one dollar per page. Note that the superior court could not actually certify the authenticity of the record as only the recorder could do that.

Another method of searching for records would be to go online and use online databases. California law limits the amount of information that government offices could place online, but there are some online databases that do not fall under the purview of this restriction given that they are not connected with the government. These databases are easy to locate and use, with some of them providing the same information as the government databases despite the fact that most of them provide their information for free. In addition, searches using these databases are faster and more efficient with the user not even required to fall in line or to leave their homes. Finally, some of these databases also provide background check services, meaning, their own staff would do the compilation of all relevant documents and just provide the user with a summary of the same, but such requests typically costs upwards of hundreds of dollars.

The procedure below relates to the procedure at the superior court to obtain records

  • Visit the Superior Court
  • At the records department of the superior court, inform the staff member on duty of your request to obtain copies of records and provide for the specifics of the same.
  • Once the record had been located, request that a copy of the same be made for you.
  • Pay the required fee at the cashier of the superior court and return to the records department with the receipt of payment.
  • After validating the receipt, the staff member on duty would issue you the record copy that you had requested.

Glenn County California Background Check

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