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Complete Background Check

A complete background check is a comprehensive search. The opposite of an instant check that uses only one database, a complete search considers many different aspects of the subject’s world. Complete background checks may even involve personal interviews with neighbors, coworkers, friends and relatives of the subject in order to get a sense of the person’s general character and reputation.

The history of the individual’s education, jobs, residences, credit, marriage(s) and divorce(s), as well as a thorough criminal check, should usually be covered. The exact scope of a complete background check will vary depending on the purpose of the search and the company performing it, so it’s always a good idea to know exactly what is being checked before agreeing to the service.

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Purpose of a Complete Background Check
Within the boundaries of the law, a complete check into a person’s background may be warranted on an employee, business partner, student, nanny, tenant or within a new dating relationship. While safety is the main purpose of complete background checks, requestors of these comprehensive screens are also typically after what is called a individual’s “general reputation” and “mode of living.’ In other words, they want to know what people close to this person think about him or her as well as the individual’s basic financial background, state of health and hobbies or interests.

Legal Concerns in Character Checks
In-depth, complete background check information shouldn’t be used to discriminate against someone, but rather to gain a stronger sense of what the individual is about. Employers especially must be careful to avoid discrimination and focus on safety and skill aspects rather than personal qualities such as sexual orientation. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, employers must inform employees or applicants of the background check and get their permission to it in writing. The results of the check must also be provided to the subject as well as the reason for the applicant not getting the job if the employer decides not to hire him or her.

Examples of Complete Background Check Sources
Work references that a job applicant lists on a resume are commonly checked in an employment related complete background check. A family hiring a nanny will also need past work references checked. In other cases, such as in that of background checking a potential love interest or business partner, verification of the subject’s work history is done to confirm that what the individual told the requestor about his or her past is true.

Vital records may be checked where permitted to verify a marriage or divorce took place such as is common in a dating background check. State police and crime databases have criminal records search systems and sex offender registries that can often be accessed online. Driving records may also be investigated in a complete background check. The subject’s online imprint such as profiles or pages on social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn can also offer information for background checks such as data about his or her bobbies, interests, location, education and work history.

Information Required for Complete Background Checks
The most complete type of background check is fingerprint based rather than just a name centered search. Police department investigative bureaus also usually search any known aliases or maiden names of the subject. A Social Insurance Number as well as the sex, race and date of birth of the individual being searched are other data needed to do a complete background check.

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