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Business Background Check

To some people in the working world, a business background check may mean an employee, volunteer or job applicant screening, while to others it may describe a search on the consumer and criminal history of a prospective vendor, investor or partner. Quality background check service companies are able to customize their products to meet the needs of each business client. If you require outsourced screening, choose a company that will communicate with you and offer a comprehensive solution for your specific type of business background check.

Types of business background check information
Business background checks will often take in the information on a company’s website as well as the firm’s marketing materials and pubic trading details. Specific data about the company’s branches, locations, subsidiaries and organizational structure may also be part of a business background check. Any tax liens and court cases involving the company or business person as well as overall reputation with consumer advocate organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), should be tracked down. Other key business investigatory areas are trademarks, patents, debt collection service information and other financial data.

Business Background Check Investigation

Employment background checks
A business background check done to evaluate the suitability of employee applicants or volunteers will verify a subject’s stated work history, earned degrees and personal and work references. Business background checks may also involve drug testing as well as extra fingerprint clearance for those who will work with vulnerable persons such as children or disabled people. Business related background checks are also conducted to try to identify any wanted criminals and verify their identity. Address histories, driving reports, sexual offender registries, arrest records, aliases and maiden names should all be checked in a business background screening.

Industry Specific Services
In a real estate themed business background check, searches are done to help property owners and brokers find tenants likely to be long term and low risk. A high turnover of tenants can get expensive for brokers and owners. Real estate screens on tenants must follow anti-discriminatory laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The tenant must agree in writing to have a credit check and other background searches conducted on him or her. Background checking in the health care industry is mainly concerned with safety as both the credentials and the identity of medical professionals must be verified. Yet, a medical facility business background check can also be conducted to make sure operations meet all regulations and laws.

It’s crucial to make sure any business is in compliance with laws. This type of background check will check policies and procedures. Some industries such as those that hire employees or recruit volunteers to work with children or disabled adults have mandatory screening, while for other businesses, background checking is voluntary. Still, laws are designed in the interest of public safety, so a business background check into policies and procedures can help a company avoid being in danger of a non-compliance charge. Background checks can also provide firms with useful information for business plans and statistical reports.

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