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Sutter County Background Check

It is undeniable that people keep secrets, often because such secrets would cause negative impact on the person keeping them, but it is also undeniable that information is in the decision making process. Take, for example, a business owner who wants to be assured that his employee has no criminal record. Said business owner could directly ask the prospective employee of the same, but while there are some who would readily admit that they do have criminal records, there are those who would not, for fear of not getting the job. Yet, such information is critical in the decision making process of the business owner whether or not to hire the person. This is where Sutter County Background Check comes in, for the goal of background checks is to find as much information as possible about the subject of the search.

The information collected through background checks are collected and collated in a report known as the background report. There are generally two ways that such a report is compiled, but with the relatively new public policies of the government and the advancement of technology, it is the second and newer, rather than the first and more traditional method, that is rapidly gaining in popularity when conducting background checks. This method is through the use of public records. These records, because of the relatively new policy of openness and government accountability, are generally available to the public.

Sutter County Criminal Background Check

Depending on the type of background check that is being conducted, there are types of records that would be most helpful, though one must note that because background checks are just collection of information, all types of public records may be used for the process. Background check is a matter of going through the information presented and selecting the ones that may be critical to the person who had commissioned the search.

Copies of public records may be obtained from a number of offices, but the first office that a person who is searching for public records should visit is the office of the recorder. There are copies of every public record that had been filed within the borders of the county at this office, and their primary mandate in keeping these documents is so that they could be made available to the public upon request. To request for copies of public records at this office, the searcher should first head over to the actual location of the archives of the office and make his request to view the archives. Note that permission is almost always given. Once permission is given, request for the assistance of a member of the staff as this should expedite the search. Doing the actual search may be the longest part of the procedure, but once the record had been located, the searcher could make the request for a copy, and after paying the required fee, which is one dollar per page of the record, plus two dollars for every document for certification, copies would be made for the searcher.

A faster and more efficient search could be conducted through online databases. These databases, while not affiliated with the government, could provide information that is the same as the government offices and databases, but searches using these databases are faster and generally more efficient. Some of these databases actually provide their information for free. Note that because these are internet searches, they could be conducted from the comforts of the home of the user without the need to fall in line. All that is required is a computer with an internet connection and, optionally, a printer.

Given below is the procedure to request for copies of records that could be used for background checks at the office of the recorder

  • Head over to the office of the recorder
  • Inform the records keeper of your intention to look into the archives. Note that permission is almost always given, but the searcher should still present a valid reason.
  • Once permission is given, request for the assistance of a member of the staff. Presumably, this would make the search faster.
  • Search the archives. Note that this may be the longest part of the procedure given the volume of records that have to be searched.
  • Once the records had been located, the next step would be to take the records to the desk of the records keeper and request that copies be made for you.
  • The records keepers shall determine the required fee and send you to the cashier in order to pay for the same. Note that the fee includes the certification fee.
  • Once you had paid for the copies, return to the archives and present the receipt to the records keeper as proof of payment before claiming your copy.

Sutter County California Background Check

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