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St. Lucie County Background Check

St. Lucie Sheriff’s office and the county’s clerk of court office handle all the legal records you need when trying to gather facts for your background checking effort. The Sheriff’s office can only start processing your request once you have submitted to them via email a formal application.You need to be very clear as to what type of record you are after for so they will know how to begin the search and how much they are going to charge you. The request can also be done in person if your location is close to where the office is situated.

The clerk of court on the other hand records all the felony and misdemeanor cases as covered by the Florida Criminal Check standard. They have been keeping such record for over 7 years already and they continue to update it even up to these days. In St. Lucie, doing a background check at either the Sheriff’s office or the county court requires $25.00 as fee for the records retrieval request. The other data which you can use when running a background check can actually be found via the official website of the Sheriff. They are making it available online so that everyone will not go to the office for the same purpose.

St. Lucie County Criminal Background Check

If you visit the Sheriff’s webpage you will get to view legal details like sexual offenders, identity theft, traffic violation cases, domestic violence, inmate information and many more. The incident and accident reports are also available through the County’s Records Unit. These are technically released to requestors for free but in some cases when the search consumes a lot of time the office will already demand for a fee at $0.15 per copy, plus the postage. If you want to send your request via mail, you just have to mail it through a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Note that they do not fax this kind of information as they are considered to be confidential.

The local residents in St. Lucie must know the art of doing a background check so they will be able to protect themselves in times of trouble. We cannot tolerate the reality that criminals are doing bad things everywhere. If you are not ready to face them then you could fall to be one of their victims. The painful scenario is when your family or loved ones become involved in the drama. You should be always one step ahead of these criminals; otherwise you will get trapped and become their prey, cash cow or whatever.

The traditional method of running a background check is lengthy, apart from that it requires you to comply with all the typical paper works. Thus, today that has to change with the emergence of computers and the Internet. This present transition from the paper load of work to paperless records retrieval procedure really becomes a big leap or success to some or maybe most people in respect to those who still prefer to do the manual process.Hence, the search now becomes online with the aid of the Internet where you only pay for a reasonable service fee and in return get the comprehensive data you need.

Steps to do to perform a background check in St. Lucie:

  • Go to the Records Unit under the Sheriff’s office to place your request
  • The service is for free but if your request requires lengthy processing then you will need to pay $0.15 per copy of page
  • For felony and misdemeanor cases you visit the Clerk of Court office
  • The requests can be done via phone, mail or in person. Fax is not available as they avoid the information being leaked in public
  • The turnaround time is usually 4 to 5 business days

St. Lucie County Florida Background Check

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