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Sonoma County Background Check

Over the past few years, background checks have become so increasingly common in some of the everyday procedures that people go through that it is no longer farfetched to claim that they had become a standard part of. It is easy to see why Sonoma County Background Check has increased in popularity. People now want as much information as they could get about the people that are around them because they realized that having as much information as possible leads to informed decision making and in making the proper decision. Thus, a business owner wants to be assured of the character of the people that applied for a job before he makes the decision of hiring them, a parent wants to be sure as to the reliability of a babysitter before said employee is hired, and a bride or a groom wants to be assured that the person that he or she wishes to spend the rest of his or her life with is not likely to run away with the television and the other appliances.

Contrary to what is shown in popular media, background checks are actually conducted more and more within the confines of an office through the use of public records. This is because the traditional method of interviewing people has lapses, and one of those lapses is the fact that the people that are being interviewed may not even know anything about the subject of the search. It would have been a waste of time, whereas when a background check is conducted using the newer method of using public records, the public records are already available to the public and they are afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity.

Sonoma County Criminal Background Check

This great respect means that the information contained within these records are presumed to be true, and it is because they are presumed to be true that the information could be used. The types of documents that would be most helpful when conducting a background check is determined by the type of background check that one wishes to conduct. For criminal background checks, the most helpful public records would be arrest records, court records, and prison records, collectively known as criminal records. Note, however, that while these three are the most helpful, they are not the only records that could be used. Practically every public records would yield some sort of information that could then be taken consideration of by the person who requested the search.

One of the offices where copies of records that could be of assistance could be located is the office of the district attorney. A request for records at this office begins with the searcher first appearing at the office and making the request from the records keeper, the person in charge of the records division of the office. Using their own database, the records keeper would first determine if there are records, and if there are, copies could be requested for by the searcher for one dollar per page of the record. Note that the district attorney office could not certify the records.

Another method that must be taken into consideration is through the use of online databases. These are privately owned and maintained, but despite this, most of these databases do provide the same information as the government offices and departments, only, they provide their information in a faster and more efficient manner with some actually not charging anything for the use of their services. As with all internet searches, these may be done from the comforts of the home of the searcher, and there are some that actually do the background report, though one must note that such requests typically costs hundreds of dollars and require many days, perhaps weeks and months, to complete.

The procedure below relates to requesting for records at the office of the district attorney

  • Proceed to the records division of the office of the district attorney
  • Request from the records keeper a copy of a record.
  • The records keeper would determine if they have a copy of the record that you are looking for using their own database.
  • You would be informed of the results of the search.
  • If there are records, you would be informed of the same and the records keeper shall produce the records for your perusal.
  • If there are no records, you would be informed of the same and the records keepers shall ask if you want to have a certification reflecting the same.
  • Request that the records be copied for you.
  • Pay the required fee at the cashier before returning to the records division with the receipt as proof of payment.
  • Claim your copies

Sonoma County California Background Check

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