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Santa Cruz County Background Check

The goal of a background check is to find information and collate the same to form a background report. Such background reports could then find many uses for the person who had commissioned the background check in the first place as the information located within such reports are generally considered to be sufficient enough in order to form an opinion on the person and to make an informed choice. For this reason, most of the contemporary Santa Cruz County Background Check requests come from business owners who wish to be assured that the employees that they are going to hire are not likely to take the cash register with them when they leave the store. Business owners, however, are not the only people who request for background checks as even parents who want to be assured of the safety of their children and even the occasional bride or groom who wants to know more about the person that they are planning to spend the rest of their life with are frequent customers of such requests.

Nowadays, background checks could be conducted through either of two ways. The first is to retain a firm that specializes in such work. These firms, however, may charge up to hundreds of dollars and their search may take some time, though their efficiency and their experience more than makes up for the disadvantages. The other method would be for the person who wishes to conduct the background check to conduct the check himself through the use of public records. These documents are generally available to the public at all times, and because it is the person who requires the report in the first place who is making the search, there is no middleman and thus, is more efficient.

Santa Cruz County Criminal Background Check

Records are afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity, even if they are only copies because copies retained by government agencies and departments are likely to be certified properly. In addition, these records are generally available to the public at all times, with minimal requirements that must be fulfilled. These records are also easily accessible, as there are copies of them in the various government offices and departments where these records are actually used. One of the offices where copies of records that could be used in criminal background checks could be found is the superior court.

This is because such records found great use in the superior court as past criminal convictions are taken into consideration when a sentence is handed out. To request for records at the superior court, the person making the request has to be physically present at the superior court, specifically, their records division, where the searcher would have to identify the records that he or she wishes to obtain to one of the members of the staff. If there are records, and this would be confirmed by the database of the superior court, the staff member would present them to the searcher who, for one dollar per page, may request that a copy of the same be issued to him.

Another method of searching for records vital to making background reports is to search for those records online. There are a number of online databases that may be useful, and because of their number, they are easy to find. They are even easier to use, and despite the fact that most of them provide the same information as the government offices and departments, most of these databases provide their information for free, in a faster and more efficient manner. Finally, as they are done using the internet, searches using these online databases have no lines and does not require the searcher to even leave his or her house in order to conduct the search.

To request for records from the superior court, the following procedure must be followed

  • Visit the records division of the superior court
  • Inform the records keeper or staff member on duty of your request.
  • The records keeper or staff member would query you regarding the record or records that you wish to see.
  • Once this is done, the records would be searched for using the database of the records division of the superior court.
  • If there are records, they would be produced for your perusal. If there are no records, you would be informed of the same, and you may request for a certification to reflect the same.
  • Request for a copy of the records and pay the required fee at the cashier.
  • Return to the records division and present the receipt as proof of payment before claiming your copies.

Santa Cruz County California Background Check

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