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San Mateo County Background Check

The gathering of information had always been an important aspect in the everyday life of a person. With the right amount of information, a person could make an informed choice, a choice that would be crucial, perhaps even to the life of a person. San Mateo County Background Check realizes that information is a precious commodity, and the same provides for a certain set of procedures and methods with which information that could then be used by the person who commissioned the search could be gathered. Background checks typically target only one person, the subject of the search, in an attempt to find out as much information as possible regarding the past of the person. In particular, background checks focus on the criminal and credit history of the subject, though these are not the only aspects that could be the target of a background check.

Nowadays, background checks are conducted mostly through tracing of paperwork. This had not always been the case. Although background checks through paperwork had existed for almost as long as background checks through interviews, it was the latter who was thought to be more effective until very recently. The effectiveness of using papers in conducting background checks is illustrated by two facts, the first is that these papers are often public records and, as such, are always available to the public. The second is that these records are afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity.

San Mateo County Criminal Background Check

Public records requests are easily done, though the problem with public records searches is that most of the original records that the searcher could use when conducting a background check are located at different offices. There are, however, certain offices where copies of the records could be located because these offices require these copies in the pursuit of their own mandates. Again, note that even copies of these records are afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity, as they had been certified.

One of the offices where copies of such records could be located is the office of the district attorney. The district attorney require copies of these records because past convictions do play a role in prosecuting people and are taken into account during court hearings. In addition, these records do allow new members of the office to read through past trials, convictions, and arrests in the hopes of training them to become more effective members of the office. A request for records at this office is handled at the office of the district attorney records division. The first step in the procedure is to go to the division and request for records. The records keeper would actually do most of the work, as the searcher is only required to give every specific that he or she could give about the record. Those specifics would be taken by the records keeper as an input for their own database that would show whether or not the records exist. If they exist, the searcher could request for a copy of them at one dollar per page. Note that the district attorney could not certify copies of records as only the recorder could do that.

Another method of searching for public records that could be used in background checks is to use the internet. Certainly, there are websites that provide for background reports already, but such requests take time and a fee that may very well exceed a hundred dollars. Instead, it is suggested that the user just use online databases that are easy to locate and use. These databases often provide the same information as the government offices and agencies, but most of them provide their information for free at a faster and more efficient manner. In addition, these searches could be done from the comforts of the home of the searcher with no lines that must be followed.

The procedure below relates to requesting for information at the office of the district attorney

  • Visit the recorder division of the office of the district attorney
  • Inform the records keeper of your intention to ask for copies of records.
  • The records keeper would quiz you on the specifics of the document that you wish to procure.
  • The specifics that you had provided would then be used as input on the database of the records division to search for the record.
  • Once the record had been located, the records keeper would then proceed to get the record. Note that the records keeper may return with many records that you may not actually need.
  • If there are no records at the office of the district attorney, you would be informed of the same. You may ask for a certification to this effect.
  • Request for copies of the record. The records keeper would determine your required fee and send you to the cashier to pay for the same.
  • Return to the records division and claim your copies by presenting your receipt as proof of payment.

San Mateo County California Background Check

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