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San Francisco County Background Check

It is not hard to imagine a time when background checks were not only not necessary, but are also actually frowned upon by people who view them as a means of invading into the privacy of other people, notably, the subject of the search. Nowadays, however, the changing nature of the world had all but changed background check into something that may now even be called as necessary. Traditionally, only law enforcement could conduct background checks as even private detective agencies are frowned upon when they conduct the same. Nowadays, San Francisco County Background Check is conducted not only by these private detective agencies, but even by the people who, just a few years ago, would have been the ones to hire these private detective agencies to do background checks.

This changing nature of background checks is brought about by two factors, the first is that people now desire to know as much as they could about the people that they interact with everyday, and the second is the fact that the technologies and procedures required for background checks. Background checks nowadays are more dependent upon public records that are available to the public at all times rather than with interviewing people who may not even know the subject of the search. Searching for public records is something that every ordinary citizen or person could do.

San Francisco County Criminal Background Check

Of course, all public records could be taken and used to form a background report, the final objective of a background check, but there are three records that stand out because of their importance in any mind of public record search when it comes to background checks, and these records are arrest records, court records, and prison records, collectively known as criminal records. Copies of these records may be obtained from a number of offices, including the sheriff office which has the mandate of being the primary law enforcement agency in the county.

A request for copies at the sheriff department is relatively fast and simple, but the procedure still requires the searcher to personally appear at the office records department and make the request there. This is because California law limits the amount of information that a government agency or department could post online. Once at the records division of the sheriff department, the searcher only needs to inform the clerk on duty of his intention to ask for copies, plus as much information as he could about the record. The clerk would do everything else, from searching for the record using their own database, to getting the record. Once the record is there, the searcher may ask for his copy, but, of course, he must first pay the required fee. Note that the sheriff office could not certify the authenticity of the copies that are made for the searcher because only the recorder could do that.

A faster search could be conducted by the searcher using online database. Again, the limitations imposed by the law means that these online databases, despite the fact that they provide the same information as the different government agencies and departments, are not affiliated with the government. Despite this, there are certain advantages that could be gleamed from using these databases, such as faster and more efficient search, the elimination of lines, and the fact that these searches could be done from the home of the user. In addition, some of these databases provide their information for free, and some even do the actual background check themselves, though one must note that such requests costs upwards of hundreds of dollars.

The procedure to request for copies of records at the sheriff department is given below

  • Head over to the records division of the sheriff department
  • Inform the clerk on duty of your intention to request for copies of records.
  • The clerk on duty would query you on as much information that you have on the specific record.
  • Using their own database and with the information that you had provided, the clerk would search for the records.
  • If there are records, the clerk would get the same.
  • If there are no records, the clerk would inform you and you could request for a certification from the clerk stating that there are no records at the sheriff records division.
  • Once the copies had been shown to you, you may request for a copy of the same.
  • The clerk shall determine your required fee then send you to the cashier to pay the same.
  • Return to the records division and present the receipt as proof of payment before claiming your copy.

San Francisco County California Background Check

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