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San Diego County Background Check

Background check is a process that is traditionally reserved for law enforcement and private detective agencies that had been retained by people because said people wanted to know something about the subject of the search. What that something is, it is usually the criminal history of the subject, but background checks are not necessarily limited to only the criminal history of a person. Nowadays, however, San Diego County Background Check is being resorted not only by these traditional practitioners but also by those who would retain these traditional practitioners. These include business owners, parents, neighbors, and even the occasional bride or groom and their families.

The fact that even ordinary people can now do background checks is based on the developing technologies and procedures that could be used to conduct such checks. No longer are background checks primarily done through interviewing people who may not even know what the interviewee is asking for, instead, background checks in the modern world are done through the use of public records that are not only available to the public at all times as a matter of public policy, but are also afforded a great deal of respect when it comes to their authenticity.

San Diego County Criminal Background Check

The top three types of public records that are used for background checks are arrest records, court records, and prison records, collectively, these three are known as criminal records. These records, however, are not the only records that could be used for background checks, because background checks could cover other aspects aside from criminal history. The originals of these records are kept at geographically separate locations because they are filed at separate offices, but there are copies located at centralized locations and such copies are almost as good as the originals because they have been certified and as such, are also afforded great respect when it comes to their contents.

One of the repositories where copies of these records could be found is the office of the recorder. This is because the office of the recorder is the primary government department tasked with keeping, maintaining, and securing these records. in order to request for copies of records from this government department, the searcher would have to personally request for them at the office of the recorder as there is currently no online service that could be used for such a request. Note, however, that permission is almost always given as a matter of public policy. Once permission is given, it is suggested that the searcher ask for the assistance of a member of the staff before conducting the search, because, presumably, the member of the staff could help expedite the search. Either way, once the records had been located, what is left is to request for a copy of the record, and such a copy would be made for the searcher after he had paid the required copying fee which is one dollar per page, plus the certification fee of two dollars per document.

It is also possible for the searcher to search for public records using online databases; however, these databases are not connected with the various government agencies and departments that are tasked with collecting these records. Despite this, these online databases that are easy to locate and even easier to use frequently display the same information as the government agencies and departments, though some come with the added bonus of not charging anything for the information that they are displaying. In addition, some of these databases actually provide the background check services, though one must note that such services typically costs upwards of hundreds of dollars and take some time to complete.

Given below is the procedure to request for copies of records at the office of the recorder

  • Head over to the records division of the Office of the Recorder
  • Ask the records keeper for permission to view the archives and to obtain copies of records.
  • Once permission is given, ask for assistance from a member of the staff.
  • With the member of the staff, search for the records that you wish to obtain a copy of.
  • Once the records had been located, bring them to the desk of the records keeper.
  • Request that copies of them be made.
  • The records keeper shall determine your required fee based on the number of pages
  • The records keeper shall also determine your required certification fee based on the number of copies you are requesting.
  • Proceed to pay the required fee and certification fee at the cashier.
  • Return to the records division and present the receipt as proof of payment before claiming your certified copy.

San Diego County California Background Check

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