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San Bernardino County Background Check

Background checks are so prevalent nowadays that anyone claiming that the same is now standard would probably be saying a de facto truth. Background checks refer to the process of collecting enough information about a person, the subject of the check, in order to form a report that would be of much help to the one who had commissioned the search in the first place. San Bernardino County Background Check is traditionally used by law enforcement officials and private detective agencies in the pursuit of their mandates, but over the past few years, as background checks become easier, background checks are being conducted not only by these traditional customers, but also by ordinary people such as business owners, employers, and even the occasional bride or groom, or their families.

Background checks are usually conducted by private detective agencies that specialized in such processes, but nowadays, even ordinary people could conduct background check without depending upon these agencies that typically charge upwards of hundreds of dollars for their services. Of course, because they are the experts, it may also be advisable to just procure their services. Background checks, however, that are done by ordinary people typically depend upon records that are considered public records and, as such, are generally available to the public at all times and are afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity.

San Bernardino County Criminal Background Check

The three records that are mostly asked for when one is conducting a background check are arrest records, court records, and prison records, though these three are not the only records that may be of assistance in case of conducting background checks. The originals of these records, however, are kept at separate locations because the law says that these records are to be kept at the office where they were originally filed. Fortunately, copies of these records could be found at a central repository, and the central repository is the office of the recorder whose primary duty is the keeping, maintenance, and security of these records for posterity reasons.

To request for a copy of a record from the office of the recorder, the searcher has to follow a prescribed procedure that, while long, is actually relatively simple. The first step is to visit the office and ask for permission to view the archives. Actual visit is required because the clerk has no online database available to the public as California law limits the amount of information that government offices could place online. Permission to search the archives, however, is almost always given as a matter of public policy. Once permission is given, what is left is to actually search for the records in the archives, and at this stage, the searcher may request for the assistance of a member of the staff. Once the records had been located, the searcher may request that copies of them be made for him, and after he had paid the required fee, which is one dollar per page of the record plus two dollars per document for the certification, the copies would be made and certified.

A faster search could be conducted through the internet, but the online databases that would be used in such searcher are, in no way, connected to the government. Despite this, most of the online database does provide the same information as the government offices and agencies; only, they provide their information in a faster and more efficient manner, with some actually not charging anything for the use of their databases. As with all internet searches, these searches are conducted from the home of the searcher, so there are no lines to fall into, and the searcher need not actually be at the office of the database owner.

Copies of records that could be used for criminal background check could be obtained from the Office of the Recorder by following the procedure given below

  • Proceed to the Office of the Recorder records division.
  • Inform the records keeper of your intention to view the archives and to request for copies of records.
  • Once permission is given, you may request for the assistance of a member of the staff.
  • Search the actual records. The assistance of a member of the staff may be indispensable at this stage given the volume of records that may have to be searched.
  • Once the records had been located, bring them to the desk of the records keeper and request that copies of the same be made.
  • The records keeper would determine your required fee based on the number of pages of the records and the number of copies that you would request.
  • Pay the required fee at the cashier.
  • Return to the records division and present the receipt as proof of payment before claiming your copy.
  • Request that the copies be certified. You would have to pay the certification fee at the cashier

San Bernardino County California Background Check

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