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Placer County Background Check

Imagine a parent moving into a new neighborhood. His children wants to play outside the house, but he is unsure if that would be wise, given that it is possible that they may be kidnapped while they are playing in the porch. It would take many days, perhaps years, before he could truly be content with the environment that he is now in. Although it is acknowledged that the best way for neighbors to know each other is through interaction with each other, such a process could take time. In the given scenario, there are two parties that would benefit from the procedure known as Placer County Background Check, and those two parties are the parent and the neighbors. Of course, they are not the only ones who resort to the increasingly popular background check procedure as it could no longer be denied that background checks have become standard in so many other processes.

Background checks are primarily conducted from within the four walls of an office, instead of in the field as most people seem to think. This is because background checks are primarily work involving papers and records. These records are public records that are not only available to the public at all times, but are also afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity. Field work background checks typically involves interviewing people who may not even know some of the secrets that a background check using public records could dig up.

Placer County Criminal Background Check

A number of public records could be used in collating information necessary to make the background check report, but for criminal background checks, the three most important types, though not necessarily the only types that could be used, would be arrest records, court records, and prison records. The originals of these records are filed and kept at separate offices, but there are some government departments that require their own copy of these records because they are being used by said offices in the pursuit of their own mandate, and one of such departments is the sheriff office.

As the primary law enforcement agency in the county, the sheriff and his deputies are responsible for apprehending criminals and securing them. In the pursuit of such mandate, they require complete criminal records of a person, and they are able to provide such criminal records to the public upon valid request. A valid request for such a record begins with the searcher heading over to the office of the sheriff and their records division. The searcher should then inform the records keeper of the specifics of the record, or the subject, that he is searching for, and the records keeper would search their database. If there are no records, the records keeper would inform the searcher who could then ask for a certification, but if there are records, then the records keeper would show the same to the searcher who may request for a copy of the record. After he had paid the required fee, the searcher would be issued his copy of the record. Note that the sheriff could not certify the copy as only the clerk-recorder could do that.

There are copies of public records that may prove useful when conducting background checks online. These are found within privately owned and maintained databases that are easy to locate and even easier to use. Most of these database have the same information as the agencies and departments where the original copies of public records are filed, but searches using these databases are faster and more efficient. There are even some that do not charge anything for their services. Finally, there are some databases that advertise for agencies that specialize in background checks, but note that using these agencies may cost upwards of hundreds of dollars.

Given below is the procedure to request for criminal records at the sheriff office

  • Go to the records division of the sheriff office
  • Inform the staff member on duty of your intention to ask for copies of criminal records.
  • The staff member on duty would ask you to provide some specifics regarding the file that you wish to see.
  • Using the specifics that you had provided, the staff member on duty would use their own database to search for the record.
  • If there are records in the records division, the staff member on duty will get it and present it to you.
  • If there are no records, the staff member would inform you of the same. You may then ask for a certification to that effect.
  • Once you have the criminal records, request that copies be made for you.
  • The staff member would issue you a work order and in said work order, there would the required fee that you must pay.
  • Pay the required fee at the cashier.
  • Return to the records division and present the receipt issued by the cashier as proof of payment.
  • Claim your copy of the record.

Placer County California Background Check

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