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Palm Beach County Background Check

Palm Beach got your back when you are in need of legal information in the pursuit to run a background check on someone. The Sheriff’s office has been designated by law to be the official resource in providing the vital public documents that are essential in performing a history check on individuals within the county. Aside from doing background checks they are also mandated by law to release details such as police letter of clearance, adoption letters, police records like criminal, informational and accidental reports and also the identity theft reports.

The County Sheriff’s office has created a Central Records Unit which is led by a Civilian Division Manager who administers all the incoming records for compilation purposes and also takes care in the issuance of these records to those who formally make a request for it. Back in the old days, they only had but the manual way of retrieving the reports by having the files stored in a library or an archive in the form of papers. However, at present they have already made use of the computers to make the searches become paperless and veer away from all the paper requirements which the applicants typically have done in the past. So, it’s a complete overhaul of what people used to do.

Palm Beach County Criminal Background Check

Running a background check in Palm Beach can be executed by searching for names, but sometimes it is hard to confirm whether the record belongs to that person whom you are investigating or not because there could be many of them using the same name. Thus, the county has resolved that the requesting parties should also provide extra details of the subject including date of birth of the person and the social security number to pull up more accurate results. The normal fee to be able to pursue such records is $3.00 per name.

If you want to dig deeper in performing a background check you may contact or visit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement office to view more information in regards to arrest and criminal records. Today, you may log onto their website so you can just obtain the records via online without the need to visit the office in person. For public records requests on the other hand, the local residents may do it via phone, in-person, email or mail method depending on what is more convenient on the part of the requestor. Just come in contact with any of the staff members under the Sheriff’s office for information.

With the emergence of the Internet today, doing a background check on someone has become even handier to perform. Searching for sensitive information can be done safely by simply doing it at home or anywhere else so long as there is access to the Internet. It comes with a fee but really worth the results that you are getting which you can leverage for whatever purposes you have in mind. Just make sure that you use it not to blackmail people or else you will be legally questioned for the misuse of such legal documents.

Steps to run a background check in Palm Beach:

  • Visit the Central Records Office and tell them what you want
  • When conducting a background check provide the full name of the subject, date of birth and the social security number
  • Pay $3.00 for every name that you check
  • Public Records Requests on the other hand can be done via phone, email, mail, or walk-in requests
  • Results are delivered in 4 to 5 business days

Palm Beach County Florida Background Check

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