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Napa County Background Check

Background checks have traditionally been frowned upon, but with the changing nature of the world, it could no longer be denied that background checks have become a necessity for most. Background checks is a process by which the past of a person is brought into light and compiled into a report. Traditionally, background checks are conduct only by law enforcement and private detective agencies, but nowadays, there are many other people who avail of Napa County Background Check and some of these people include employers who wish to know more about prospective employees, parents who want to be assured that not only are they moving into good neighborhoods, but also that their children would be safe in the company of their new neighbors, and the occasional bride or groom who wants to know more about the person whom they intend to tie the knot with.

Fortunately, background checks are rather easy to conduct, and there are many people who are actually conducting background checks without even knowing that they are. This is because background checks, contrary to what is shown in media, are more effectively and efficiently conducted when it is done through the use of public records that are available to the public rather than going out into the field and conducting interviews. One must remember that the information that one seeks to uncover when conducting background checks are not the same information that a person would go around spreading to other people who know him.

Napa County Criminal Background Check

Public records that are most often requested for when conducting background checks are arrest records, court records, and prison records, a collection that is known as criminal records, but these are not the only records that could be used when conducting background checks, it is just that these records are the one that are most often requested for. These records could be found in the central repository of the county which is the office of the recorder.

In order to request for copies of public records from the office of the recorder, the searcher has to make an actual appearance at the office because there is no online procedure that could be used. Permission has to be requested and given before a person could access the archives, but note that permission is almost always given. Once permission is given, it is suggested that the searcher request for the assistance of a member of the staff in their search. There may be many records that the searcher would have to look into, so asking for a copy of the same is also recommended. To do so, the searcher has to bring the copy to the records keeper desk and request for a copy there. Note that copies cost one dollar per page, and certification costs two dollars per document.

Finally, there is another method that could be used when searching for public records and this is done using online databases. Easy to locate and even easier to use, these online databases frequently have the same information as the government offices, but they do not charge for the use of these databases and searches using them are quicker and more efficient. In addition, because they are internet searches, there is no need to fall in line or even to leave the home to use these databases. There are also some that actually offer actual background check services, but note that these typically cost upwards of hundreds of dollars.

Given below is the procedure to request for copies of records at the Office of the Recorder

  • Head over to the Office of the Recorder and their records division.
  • Inform the records keeper that you wish to search the archives.
  • Once the records keeper gives you permission, request for the assistance of a member of the staff in your search.
  • With assistance from the staff member, locate the record that you are looking for within the archive. Note that the search may take some time given the volume of records on file.
  • Once the file had been located, bring the same to the desk of the records keeper and request for a copy of the same.
  • The records keeper would determine your required fee based on the number of pages in the document and the number of copies that you desire.
  • Pay the required fee at the cashier. You may also want to pay the certification fee at this stage.
  • Return to the records division and present the receipt as proof of payment before claiming your copy.
  • Have the copies certified by requesting the same. The records keeper would send you back to the cashier if you have not yet paid the certification fee.

Napa County California Background Check

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