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Nanny Background Check

A person who will provide care for your child when you aren’t there definitely requires a thorough nanny background check. Unfortunately, many parents still just place an ad for a nanny or childcare provider in newspaper classifieds or online ads without any background checking. This can place your child and home in danger if the individual has a criminal record or is a sexual offender.

Safety for your child and family is crucial, so don’t make the mistake of relying only on ‘gut instinct’ in choosing a nanny as this can have dangerous consequences. A thorough nanny background check can offer peace of mind and should cover a criminal search, driving records access, sex offender scan and investigation of business and personal references.

Verify the potential nanny’s employment history by contacting each name given – or by having a trustworthy background checking service do this.. Ask the nanny’s previous employers if there were any problems during this person’s care. Were there any suspicions or concerns involving the children, family or home in any way? If the nanny applicant lists other types of work such as office or food industry jobs, don’t just ignore this, but contact these employers as well. If there are gaps between jobs, ask the nanny in an interview to explain these and there should be no signs of confusion or hesitation.

Nanny Background Check Services

Hiring a background checking services company with a nanny background check specialty is important. Look for a provider who understands the industry. Interviewing nannies sent from a quality childcare agency is often better than finding them through a newspaper or online ad, since agencies typically do extensive background searches on all applicants. Don’t leave it there though as your own background check on a prospective nanny should always be done.

Ask Specific Questions
Tell the nanny you’re considering hiring that you will be conducting a background check. If she won’t sign a permission form for a nanny background check, always look elsewhere. Also ask specific questions in a nanny interview. For example, you could ask whether there is ever any situation in which a parent’s method of discipline must be ignored. This kind of question opens an unexpected ‘can of worms’ and could reveal an attitude or revelation that may raise a red flag for you such as if she replies that a spanking or an unusual punishment may be in order.

Remember to get the correct spelling of the nanny’s name as well as her date of birth, any maiden names or nick names and the exact Social Security Number. The data should be correct to avoid any false results in your nanny background check.

Ulterior Motives
If you are wealthy or a famous person, it can be difficult to find a trustworthy nanny with no ulterior motive than to provide quality care for your children. In this case, as well as for any family, a thorough nanny background check must be conducted to rule out a criminal record for theft or other crime. Of course, as with all nanny background checks, sexual offender searches and violent criminal history records must be completed in the interest of your family’s safety.

Alcohol and drug testing is also a good idea for any family to check in a nanny records search. Skills such as First Aid, Safe Driving and swimming ability if your family has a pool, are all important safety considerations when doing a nanny background check.

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