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Miami-Dade County Background Check

To help you run a background check in Miami-Dade you simply visit or contact the county’s sheriff’s office so you will be able to get the necessary technical assistance you need. The Sheriff’s Department or the Miami-Dade Police Department has officially commissioned the Central Records Bureau to be the centralized repository for all the arrest and criminal reports in the county. As per the provision of the law, all the other local enforcement units within the community are directed to submit all the arrest files they got to the Police Department for centralization purposes.

Hence, the local residents will only look it up in one designated place which is the Police Department. Background checks are facilitated through the traditional manual search and can also be done by way of searching for fingerprints. The requirements to be able to pursue such legal documents would be to present two valid identifications, one of the two must have your current photo in it. If it so happened that your ID has already expired, then you will not be permitted to do the records request. The cost for doing so would be $5.00 per copy. Should there be any adjustments in regards to the fees you may directly call the office concerned during business hours.

Miami-Dade County Criminal Background Check

Fingerprint-based check requires the same documents from the requestors; the only additional necessity would be of course the fingerprinting card which you will bring before the office concerned. There are several options of places where you can actually perform the fingerprint search and the do background checking job. Just search them through the Police Department’s office website to see the list of locations. Walk-in requests are fine but it is best that you set an appointment so you can save much of your time. The specific reports handled by the Central Records Bureau include arrest documents, offense and incident reports, and Florida traffic crash reports.

The other reports that are released by the same Records office comprise the Police clearance letters, criminal history information, purpose of immigration, employment, adoption, investigation, and personal reasons. You should be able to collect all the legal data which you need to perform a background check for as long as you adhere to the guidelines and policies implemented by the State or the local government of Miami. If you are to explore the official website of the sheriff’s office you will also get to view the names of registered sex offenders in the county. Thus, a quick solution to find out these names is a big advantage or a huge benefit to everyone in the county for they are able to protect themselves from these offenders more especially the teenagers who are mostly the victims of such a crime.

With today’s fast-paced day-to-day living, individuals are introduced to the modern Internet where pieces of information are stored fast and in the same manner retrieved quickly by anybody in the society. The law has nothing against it for its objective is to help the community become better and more peaceful. How does that work? Well, people can report to the authorities if they know something about someone whom the records are made known through the Internet. For instance, a prisoner has escaped from jail and you were able to identify him or her in the neighborhood you can check on that person through the Internet, when you confirmed that it is him then you can immediately report it to the police.

Steps to run a background check in Miami-Dade:

  • Visit the Central Records Bureau to get started with the search
  • To do a background check you will have to pay $5.00 per name then present to IDs, one of them must have your current photo. Expired IDs will not be accepted
  • A fingerprint-based check on the other hand can be done by paying $5.00 and by bringing a fingerprint card
  • Walk-in requests are good but it would be better if you set an appointment so you will be able to save time

Miami-Dade County Florida Background Check

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