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Mariposa County Background Check

Over the past few decades, background checks have become so common, it is no longer far-fetched to claim that such procedures are actually part of the everyday processes in the lives of people. Take, for example, a business owner who wants to hire a new employee, or a parent who wants to be sure that he would be letting a trust worthy person inside their house in order to watch over his children while he works, these are the people who are the primary beneficiaries of Mariposa County Background Check, but by no means are they the only ones who find great use of this procedure because there are others, such as banks, and even people who are thinking of getting married. Background checks insure that the person who instigated the check knows as much as he possibly could about the subject of the check.

Background checks are conducted using two forms of investigations, field work and office work. Of the two, the former is more tedious and require more manpower, yet at the same time, could not be as accurate as the latter. This is because the latter depends mostly on the use of official records and documents that, while of public record, are afforded great respect in regards to their authenticity given who had made them. Of the records that could be used for background checks, the ones that are usually most dependable are arrest records, court records, and prison records.

Mariposa County Criminal Background Check

Of course, these documents are located at many geographic locations because they are filed at different offices. Copies, however, could be located at many other offices because these offices have use of the other records, and one of the offices where copies of records that could be used for background checks is the district attorney office. This is because the district attorney requires these records in order to form a more accurate picture regarding the people that they are prosecuting as part of their mandate.

To request for and obtain copies of public records from the district attorney office, the searcher would have to personally appear before the office and make a personal request there. This is because California law had limited the amount of information that government offices could place online, and because of this, official records could only be accessed in person rather through the use of online government resources. Once there, the searcher should request the document or record from a member of the staff on duty in the records division of the office. The office of the district attorney is not the usual place where one would search for records, so despite the fact that they have the records, such searches may take some time. Either way, once the records had been located, the searcher could ask for a copy of the record and after paying the required fee, which is one dollar per regular sized page, the copy would be made. Note that the district attorney could not certify the authenticity of a record or document, as only the county clerk or county recorder could do that.

Despite the fact that there are no government affiliated online database that could be used to search for records that could be used for criminal background checks, there are a number of online databases that could be used in this endeavor. Note that while they are not government affiliated, they actually provide the same information as these offices. In addition, searches using these mediums are faster and more efficient, with the user not even being required to fall in line or even to leave their home in order to conduct the search. Note further that there are some online databases that provide background check services on their own, but these requests typically cost upwards of hundreds of dollars and may take many months to complete.

To request for a copy of records that could be used in background checks at the district attorney office, follow the following procedure

  • Head over to the District Attorney Office and locate their records division.
  • At the records division, inform the staff member on duty of your request to look into the records.
  • The staff member on duty would ask you for the specifics of the record that you wish to see, and would use the specifics that you would provide to locate the records using their database.
  • Once the records are located, the staff member on duty would present them to you.
  • If there are no records at the office, you would be informed of the same. Note that you could ask for a certification of the same stating that there are no records in the district attorney office.
  • Request that a copy of the record be made for you.
  • The staff member on duty would determine your required fee in accordance with their schedule of fees and issue you a work order.
  • Bring the work order to the cashier and pay the required fee in accordance with what is written on the work order.
  • Return to the records division and present the receipt as proof of payment before claiming your copy of the records.

Mariposa County California Background Check

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