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Marin County Background Check

The changing nature of the world had made background checks almost a requirement in the everyday procedures of a person’s life. Take, for example, a parent who wants to be assured that his neighbors are not the type who would snatch his children while said children are playing in their yards, or a business owner who wants to be sure that his newly hired clerk is unlikely to open the cash register and flee with its contents when no one is looking. These are but two examples of why Marin County Background Check, had gained in popularity over the past few years, and they would gain in popularity even more as it becomes easier, through the advent of technological processes and procedures, to conduct background checks in the future.

Background checks, contrary to what is show in popular media, are actually more of work conducted within the four walls of a room rather than out in the field interviewing people who know about the subject. To be certain, field interviews are helpful because there could be some facts that are not reflected in the records, but the records are also more reliable when one is searching for general statements because the records, being public in nature, are afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity.

Marin County Criminal Background Check

The three records that are often used when conducting background checks are arrest records, court records, and prison records. The originals of these records are kept in the office where they were first filed and made, thus, arrest records are kept with the sheriff, court records are kept at the superior court, and prison records are the responsibility of the probation department. Copies of these records, however, are also afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity provided that they had been authenticated and certified. Such copies could be found in the office of the recorder whose primary responsibility is to maintain these records for reasons of posterity.

Thus, a person who seeks to obtain records that could be used for criminal background checks would be well advised to search the office of the recorder first. Fortunately, the procedure at this office is relatively easy and simple, though the searcher would first have to show up at the office of the recorder in order to ask for permission to view the archives. Note that permission is almost always given as a matter of public policy. Once permission is given, what is left to be done is for the searcher to look into the records, though because of the volume of records, it is perhaps wise to request for the assistance of a member of the staff. Once the records had been located, the searcher may request for a copy of the same, and such a copy would be made after paying the required fee which is one dollar per document, plus a two dollar certification fee, if requested, for every document.

Of course, it is possible for anyone to search for the records that could be used in criminal background checks online. There are a number of online databases that are helpful in such a search, and despite the fact that they provide the same information as the departments where these records are kept, the use of these databases are often for free. In addition, they are faster and more efficient with their search because they are done using the internet, with no lines. There are also some databases that provide the actual criminal background check, though note that these costs hundreds of dollars and may take many months to complete.

Copies of public records may be obtained from the public library through the following procedure

  • Head over to the Library
  • Locate the government records division of the library and inform the staff member on duty there of your intention to look for copies of records.
  • The staff member on duty would assist you in searching for the records and would ask for the specifics of the records that you wish to search for.
  • Using their own catalog, the staff member on duty would look for the records that fit your search profile.
  • Once there are results, the staff member on duty would show you the same and you would have to pick the records that you want from the list.
  • If there are no records in the library, the staff member would inform you of the same. Note that you cannot ask for a certification that there are no records in the library because the librarian could not do that.
  • Once you have picked the records, the staff member would present them to you.
  • You could request that copies of them be made at the photocopying section of the library that would make the copies for you at a rate of one dollar per page.

Marin County California Background Check

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