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Lee County Background Check

The Lee County Sheriff’s office has a Records Division where all the local reports from the various enforcement agencies are compiled and updated on a regular basis. You only need to provide the said Division with the case number of the subject of interest. If you don’t have it then you must provide the location of the incident, date and any victim or suspect details. The amount which you will have to pay will be $.15 per page while you pay $.20 for a double-sided copy. However, the cost for conducting a background check is different; you will need to pay $5.00 per copy for it.

If you can’t make it to the Sheriff’s office you will have the option to mail your request instead. This is done by sending over a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the case number. The office will then email you back with the results which you have requested for. Though not all legal documents in Lee can be immediately pulled out. Other reports like the police reports are only made available to public when three working days have gone by already. This is one policy of the Sheriff’s office which should be observed by the local residents.

Lee County Criminal Background Check

Today, the said county has uploaded all the important records on their website in the quest to be more transparent to the general public. They created an online database where you can do searches on warrants of arrest, arrested individuals, jail information, sex offender, wanted fugitives, and other criminal documents. It is simply done by typing in the basic information about the subject including the complete name of the person, date of birth, booking number, booking date, release date, and states whether or not the person is under custody. Just open Crime Activity tab on the website for you to begin collecting for information.

The County’s Clerk of Court also manages a group of records including the vital records like divorce, marriage, birth and death. They are also responsible in issuing reports on marriage licenses, performing marriage ceremonies, and those who serve an official passport. Hence, if you are looking for inputs that are related to the aforementioned, then you should see the clerk of court to do the formal request. Like that of the sheriff’s office, they are also making accessible these records through their office webpage. So, anybody who is searching for names can make use of the clerk’s site in order to find out the truth about an individual.

In today’s modern technology, background checking in Lee, Florida can be executed in a very convenient manner. It is simply done through the Internet where a reliable online records solution offers big time solution to retrieving the official and legal files. So, before you get started you must select first which site would be good for you. You can read some reviews from people who have used the services of such site. You should be ready to go when you have spotted the right site for you already. Then you pay for the service fee at a very reasonable amount.

Procedure in running a background check in Lee County:

  • Visit the Sheriff’s office for the arrest and criminal records
  • Visit the Clerk of Court when you are after of the vital records and the civil reports
  • Background checking would cost $5.00 per copy, but you should contact the office concerned to see if it has changed already or not
  • The result of the search should be turned in in 4 to 5 business days

Lee County Florida Background Check

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