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Lassen County Background Check

There are many reasons why a person would want to conduct a background check of a subject. Perhaps it is because the instigator wishes to know about the past of the subject prior to hiring the subject in any capacity such as a baby-sitter or a clerk in a shop. Perhaps it is because the instigator is a bank and they want to know more about the subject prior to authorizing the loan that the subject had requested. It is even conceivable that the instigator wishes to know more about the subject prior to the two of them, instigator and subject, tying the knot. Whatever else may be the reason, it could not be denied that over the past few decades, Lassen County Background Check have become so common place and normal.

Background checks are actually relatively simple to conduct. While there is some field work in the form of interviewing other people for their knowledge in regards to the subject, the same is not actually required and may even be counterproductive given that the subject may be keeping other information from these same people. The more efficient method of conducting background checks is to use public records and documents that are easy to obtain from the different departments that form the local county government.

Lassen County Criminal Background Check

Arrest records, court records, and prison records are three of the most important documents that one could use when conducting background checks but these three are not the only records that one could depend on as there are a number of other records that one could use. Obtaining these records are all easy as they are considered to be non-vital public records, and as such, the procedure to see them is not as stringent as those records that are classified as vital public records.

While these documents are kept under lock and key in separate locations, there are copies of these documents under one roof, the roof of the Office of the Recorder. This is because the recorder is the official custodian of all records in the county and as part of this mandate, they are to keep, maintain, and secure these records. In order to gain copies of public records, the searcher would have to actually go to the office himself and request for the copy there. Note that permission is almost always given. Once permission had been given, what is left is for the searcher to look for the record, and he could request for the assistance of a member of the staff in this endeavor. A copy of the record would be made upon request and upon payment of the required copying fee which is one dollar per regular sized page, plus two dollars per document for certification.

For those who require the records as soon as possible, the fastest search method would be to use online databases over the internet. Easy to locate and even easier to use, some of these online database provide their information for free despite the fact that they provide the same information as the offices mentioned above. Internet searches are faster, more efficient, and do not require either lines or for the searcher to leave their own homes. In addition, some of these online databases actually do the actual background checks themselves, though one must note that such background checks typically costs upwards of hundreds of dollars.

The procedure given below relates to the procedure to obtain copies of records from the Office of the Recorder

  • Visit the Office of the Recorder records keeper
  • Inform the records keeper of your intention to look for records.
  • Permission is almost always given and once it is given, you may now search the records, though it may be advisable to request for the assistance of a member of the staff.
  • Once you had located the records, you may actually make your notes at the archives, but note that you could not edit the copy or even take it out of the clear book where it is secured.
  • Note that if there are no copies, you may ask for a certification of the same for two dollars.
  • Should you desire a copy for yourself, bring the record to the desk of the records keeper and inform the records keeper of your intention.
  • The records keeper would determine your required fee in accordance with their schedule of fees based on the number of pages of the document and the number of copies that you want.
  • Head over to the cashier to pay the required fee. You may also want to pay the certification fee at this stage.
  • Return to the records keeper and claim your copy by presenting your receipt.
  • Should you wish to have your records certified, inform the records keeper who would then redirect you to the cashier to pay the certification fee. If you had already paid the same, the records keeper would proceed to certify.

Lassen County California Background Check

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