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Lake County Background Check

The Central Records division in Lake County Sheriff’s office was established to consolidate all the legal reports coming from the different local law enforcement units in the County. They manage the various documents including incident reports, misdemeanor citations, traffic and boating citations and the traffic crash reports. Thus, if you are digging information in regards to these reports then you must visit the Central Records’ office to go through the records request procedure. The said office should be accurate with all their recordings for they will be forwarding the statistical reports to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

With the existing Florida law which governs over the administration of legal records, the public will have the right to obtain copies of official records to be utilized in doing a background check on people. So, they specifically assist in providing information for incident reports or calls for service, local records checks and insurance requests. The said Records’ division has initiated the Document Management System where all the mentioned reports are stored permanently.

Lake County Criminal Background Check

Here’s how the records are moved from one office to another. The felony arrests are forwarded to the State Attorney’s office while the misdemeanor arrests moved to the misdemeanor clerk of court. And then, juvenile arrests are handled by the Juvenile clerk of court and the juvenile court liaison officer. Today, the central records office can be accessed via online so that the local residents who are after of the documents will be able to view the information fast. As for the fees, the cost will vary according to the type of record that you wanted to obtain. More so, the office will have the prerogative to adjust the rates of these records for some reason. So, you need to call the office concerned to determine the exact amount of fees.

The Clerk of Court however delivers another group of records including the vital reports consisting marriage, divorce, birth and death. In addition to that, they also keep all the land records and civil reports within Lake County. So, as a requesting party you must be specific as to what type of report you are after for. Otherwise, you will get confused as to where to go to in search for the official files. Additionally, background checking in the county can be done via fingerprints where names and information regarding those who had records are identified. The fee would be $5.00 per search and is payable through cash. Fingerprinting is also done at the Sheriff’s office.

With so much requests accommodated at the local government’s office, the Internet has provided the people a channel where the searches can be accomplished in a much quicker manner. So nowadays, people get to order for Lake County records by way of an online records solution. This means that individuals in Lake now have options either they do the traditional method of acquiring such reports or explore what the Internet has in store for the public to benefit from. This online means absolutely makes the job much easier to perform.

How to run a background check in Lake

  • Visit the Central Records Section of the Sheriff’s office or go to the clerk of court’s office if you are checking out the vital records
  • You may do fingerprint-based check through the Sheriff’s office at $5.00 per search
  • Bring in a valid ID which shows that you are an eligible requestor of the said record
  • Results will be delivered in 4 or 5 business days

Lake County Florida Background Check

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