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Lafayette County Background Check

Lafayette County Clerk of Court has been commissioned to be the official county recorder in harmony with the provisions of the Florida Constitution. Aside from being a county recorder, the office is also expected to perform two other tasks which include a clerk of the circuit and county courts and is also designated to be the county’s accountant, auditor, and custodian of county funds. So, all the records available through this office are updated on a regular basis and are made accessible at any time for public consumption. They are considered to be public records and therefore the local residents in Lafayette have the right or chance to run a background check on someone.

Background checking is a must process in Lafayette more especially for companies which screens through their job applicants. It is even done for those who are currently employed in a company just to check on the loyalty of everybody across the existing departments and divisions. It is also being used when looking for a nanny; of course it is not that easy to find someone who will watch over your kids while you are away. You got to trust a person with no questionable records in the past and it helps you feel at ease and peaceful when you know that the nanny you get is a good find.

Lafayette County Criminal Background Check

As a requesting party, you only need to familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines that the clerk of court has imposed for everyone to follow. Take note that you will not be allowed to continue with the search if ever any of the rules is not being adhered to. The said county coordinates more closely with the Records Department in Florida. It can even be done by simply browsing through the official database, type in the names of the subject of interest and in only a few minutes you will be able to acquire the results which you have been looking for.

There are only two things which you need to go through when doing a background check in Lafayette. First, you should have a valid or a strong reason for requesting a copy of the legal record. And second, you need to secure and show personal documents before the clerk such as a driver’s license, company ID or any other government-issued ID to prove that you are a legitimate resident in Lafayette. More so, the other independent local law enforcement agencies are also mandated by law to divulge any records which are under their custody. So, all you have to do is visit the office concerned and formally make the request.

It is hard to do the request when your place is too far from the clerk of court’s office, the good news nowadays is that the search can be accomplished via online. You only need to type in the basic information about the subject like the full name, date of birth, gender and race and you should be good in obtaining the data which you need to have to run an efficient background check on people. It comes with a fee but is guaranteed to be worth it considering that it gives you back the right information that you need.

Procedure to follow when conducting a background check in Lafayette:

  • The records are requested at the Clerk of Court’s office
  • You need to secure a records request form and fill it out completely. It has to be filled out in its entirety in order to begin the search
  • If you don’t know any more information about the subject then you will have to inform the office and pay them for an extra service which they will do for you
  • Bring in government-issued ID to validate that you are indeed a legitimate member in the community
  • Submit the filled out form to the clerk’s office with the service charge which you can inquire about by contacting the said office

Lafayette County Florida Background Check

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