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Imperial County Background Check

There are always some things that people would want to keep in the dark, whether consciously or unconsciously. Often, there is really no need to be concerned about the things that people keep in the dark for they are inconsequential, but there are some things that people keep in the dark but most actually be revealed as a requirement. This is where the process known as Imperial County Background Check come in. Background checks has become more acceptable over the past few years as people learned to accept that there are things that other people would rather not reveal. Criminal histories are often that which the person does not want to reveal, but there could be others that would alter the opinion of the person.

There are some agencies that provide background checks as their service, though these often cost in the hundreds of dollars even for just one subject. Fortunately, bulk of the work necessary for background checks are conducted inside office walls rather than outside and interviewing people who may turn out to know nothing substantial about the subject. Background checks rely on public documents and non-vital public records at that, making them easy to obtain and copy. The bulk of information necessary to conduct a criminal history background check could be found in public records such as arrest records, court records, and prison records, but these three are by no means the only type of records that could be used to conduct background checks.

Imperial County Criminal Background Check

There are many sources of public records in the government at the county level, and this is because the three records provided above are actually filed at three separate offices. Arrest records are the province of the sheriff office, court records are the responsibility of the superior courts, and prison records are made by the probation department after the subject had been arrested. Searching for these records at these offices may take some time, but fortunately, there are copies of these records at the office of the recorder who is also the official custodian of public records.

To request and obtain a copy of a public record that could be used in background checks at the office of the recorder, there are certain steps that must be followed, though it is relatively simple. Of course, the searcher would have to be at the office for the search to be conducted because there is currently no online search engine that the searcher could use given recent legislation. To obtain copies from the office of the recorder, the searcher would first have to show up at the office of the recorder and ask permission there. Once permission is given, the searcher would have to do the actual search, though he could request for the assistance of a member of the staff. The records, once located, would then be copied upon request, and upon payment of the required copying fee which is one dollar per page. A separate certification fee would have to be paid at two dollars per document should the searcher require the copies to be certified.

There is currently no online database connected with the government that the searcher could use should he want to conduct a search over the net. This is because California law is rather strict about what could be placed online by government offices. Nevertheless, there are a number of databases that one could still use, and though not affiliated with the government; these databases do provide the same information as government offices. These online databases are easy to locate and use, with most of them actually free to use. In addition, because they are done over the wire, as it were, there are no lines that the searcher must fall in.

Given below is the procedure to request for non-vital public records at the office of the recorder

  • Head over to the office of the recorder and ask permission from the staff on duty to look into the archives.
  • Once permission is given, you may now search the archive, though you may also request for the assistance of a member of the staff.
  • Once the record you wish to obtain had been located, request for a copy of the same from the member of the staff on duty.
  • The member of the staff on duty would count the number of pages and note the same before asking you for the number of copies that you wish to obtain. He would then record this on a piece of paper called the work order and give you the same.
  • Take the work order to the cashier and pay the required fee. You may also wish to pay the certification fee at this stage.
  • Once you had paid, bring the receipt to the records room and have the receipt verified before getting your copy.
  • Should you wish to have the copies certified, you would first be required to pay the certification fee. However, if you had already paid the same, proceed directly to the staff on duty and ask for the copies to be certified. Alternatively, have the copies certified at the same time that you claim them.

Imperial County California Background Check

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