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Highlands County Background Check

The Central Records Unit in the County Sheriff’s office has been designated to be the official place for all the public and arrest documents. It is where background checks are executed; copies of accidents reports are released as well as the offenses. More so, the CAD incident reports are also issued before this local law enforcement agency. So, the Sheriff’s office has outlined the steps to request an accident or offense report for the people to follow through. Also, they have provided the public a guide on how to request reports and background checks by mail or in person.

The advice of the sheriff’s office when planning to do a walk-in request for background checks would be to call the office first and ask whether or not such reports have been turned in already by the deputies or the other law enforcement units. This is done in order to save time as sometimes it takes a long time before the records are submitted to the Sheriff’s office for documentation and compilation purposes. When you get to the said office you present or show any identification card and bring some cash for the service fee. If you don’t have cash you may pay it through money order. Only these two modes of payment shall be accepted, the others will not.

Highlands County Criminal Background Check

To proceed with the background check, you will need to provide four basic details of the subject including the complete name, race, sex and date of birth. On another note, for the offense reports you will need to supply pieces of information on the case number, date, time and location of the event, and the names of the people involved in the case. On the other hand, if you wanted to send in the request via mail then you will need to use a self-addressed stamped envelope and write your phone number just in case the office needs to contact you for some reason. For this kind of request, you are required to pay for the fees first before your application will be processed. The details which will be asked from you are the same with those being asked when doing the request in person.

For the acquisition of offense reports on the other hand, you are required to fill out an application form. Then provide the following details consisting the date of incident, time of incident, location of incident, type of incident, then you specify if it’s an offense report or an arrest report, then mention the people involved, and the offense numbers if there’s any. Background checking in Highlands costs $20.00 per copy, it is going to cost much higher if the search becomes extensive and eats up a lot of time. You may contact the office to find out the exact amount of fees which you will have to pay for.

Gladly, the modern Internet has become an efficient tool in delivering results on legal records in Highlands. This approach allows you to just run the search at home or wherever you feel most comfortable. You only have to find a reliable online records source who will feed you the right information for whatever purposes you will use it. So, you have options this time whether you prefer the manual process or do it electronically.

Procedure to perform a background check in Highlands:

  • Visit the Central Records Unit of the Sheriff’s office
  • Provide the subject’s information including full name, sex, race and date of birth
  • Pay $20.00 per copy for doing a background check
  • When ordering for an offense report you supply the case number, date, time, and location and the names of the people involved
  • Results will be delivered in a few days

Highlands County Florida Background Check

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