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Hendry County Background Check

Doing a background check in Hendry is facilitated at both the County Sheriff’s office and the County’s Clerk of Court. The Sheriff’s office is able to bring you information about all the arrest documents ever compiled from the start. They are able to provide you details on the current inmates, court information, jail documents and other legal reports. When you get to the office, you only need to let the staff know as to what documents you would want them to retrieve. On the other hand, the Clerk of Court offers reports related to the cases which have been decided already by the county judge.

The Sheriff’s office is comprised of divisions the Investigations, Patrol and Civil divisions. Criminal Investigation Division lets you unfold the specific legal cases which include auto theft, arson, burglary, felony, fraud, aggravated battery, domestic violence and many others. Thus, you inquire from this division if you are interested to gather data related to the cases mentioned. Also, if you are trying to find out as to whether or not a person is a sexual offender this division will surely give you the idea and information of the truth. The county also has an online repository for all the arrested individuals in Hendry; you may look them up through the online inmate search portal of the sheriff’s official webpage.

Hendry County Criminal Background Check

On another note, if you are trying to gather the records that are related to deeds, mortgages, marriage license, divorce tax warrants and other official documents you should coordinate or consult with the Clerk of Court’s office. The offer their service through mail or walk-in request, you just need to provide a valid reason for requesting such reports. Otherwise, the reviewing body will not accommodate your application. If you are sending your request via mail, then you must have it notarized first before forwarding it to the office concerned.

The other branches offered by the Sheriff’s office include the forensic unit, special victims division and the felony crimes. The service fee for requesting a copy of a legal record depends on the type of record that you are trying to retrieve. Plus, the rate could change over time and so you must contact the office directly to determine if there are changes in terms of the amount that you are going to pay before the sheriff’s office. Nowadays, the said office also does the electronic means of generating records information. This approach should be able to make the search much simpler for the public to execute.

These days, residents in Hendry are not only limited to acquiring the legal documents from any of its local law enforcement agencies but are also able to download the information through the Internet. One only needs to supply the basic details about the subject of interest and pay for the reasonable fee required in order to proceed with the check. It is totally hassle-free because you only need an Internet connection to be able to access the legal records. The trick here is to find a legitimate online records solution which indeed offer the documents that you need for background checking purposes.

Steps to perform a background check in Hendry:

  • Determine the exact type of record that you want to obtain
  • Visit the County’s Clerk of Court or the Sheriff’s office for inquiries
  • Arrest and criminal reports are available at the sheriff’s office while the land records and vital reports are accessible at the clerk of court
  • Present a government-issued ID upon your request
  • Contact the office concerned beforehand and ask for the current fees

Hendry County Florida Background Check

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