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Escambia County Background Check

Individuals in pursuit of legal records to conduct a background check are directed to visit the Escambia Sheriff’s office or the County’s clerk of court to make a formal request on certain documents. Florida laws and statutes have indeed supported the public’s quest to unearth such legitimate files simply for the protection of the local residents in Escambia. Today, anybody in the said County can definitely retrieve the necessary reports that are useful in undertaking a background check on someone. People are going to benefit such provision of the law as they are going to secure their families and loved ones.

How to acquire a copy of a legal record in Escambia? The very place which the local residents should go to would be the Escambia County Sheriff’s office as they are the ones commissioned by the officials in Florida to manage all the records that can be leveraged for background checking reason. Over time, they have formed an independent branch called the Criminal Records Section which takes care of all the files related to the official documents. The request to do such an application can be executed through fax, email or in person depending on what is more convenient for you to do.

Escambia County Criminal Background Check

When ordering a record from the Records’ Section you must be very clear and specific as to what type of file you are looking for. For instance, if you are in search for an offense report or an arrest report you would need to know the offense number so they can convenient and immediately do the search. In case you do not know the case number,you should be able to at least know the information about the subject, location of the incident and the date when it happened. And then, the processing time usually takes 3 to 5 business days depending on how extensive the search would be.

The fee to get a copy of a particular record for background checking use is $3.00 which you will pay through cash at the Criminal Records Section under the Sheriff’s Department. Checks will not be paid, so make sure that you have cash. All you have to do is supply the basic details of the subject such as the complete name, sex, race and date of birth. However, juvenile records cannot be touched as declared by law. The County’s Clerk of Court handles these documents, so if you have further questions in regards to such documents you contact the clerk of court.

In other words, there are steps to take when doing a background check in Escambia. You can’t just do it on your own, you will need to abide with the guidelines and rules imposed by the State and County. But today, performing a background check can be a walk-in-the-park task as you simply need to type in the information about the person of interest and in only a few minutes you will get the results that you want. Just find a reliable resource since you will be spending money for the service fee. Once you have found the right online records provider you will be fortunate enough to possess a complete data of results.

Steps to undertake when doing a background check in Escambia:

  • Visit the Criminal Records Section under the Sheriff’s office
  • You may make a request through walk-in, email or fax
  • Provide the basic information of the subject including the name, sex, gender and date of birth
  • The fee is $3.00 per copy, payable only through cash. Checks are not acceptable
  • Bring with you any identification documents with your photo
  • The results come in in 3 to 5 business days

Escambia County Florida Background Check

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