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El Dorado County Background Check

A background check is conducted when a person gathers information on a given subject with the intention of looking into the past of the subject. Through the years, such a practice had become common owing mostly to the changing nature of the world and the sentiment that trust is now harder to earn. It is easy to see who the primary purveyors of background checks are, but the truth is, El Dorado County Background Checks are just as important to regular people as they are to banks, prospective employers, and police and other law enforcements officers. The truth is that background checks are often more of use to everyday citizens such as parents who wish to ensure that they and their children are in a safe neighborhood, or that their children are being looked after by babysitters who are not likely to steal the television while they are away.

Modern media gives us a glimpse as to how background checks are conducted, but contrary to what shows like to portray, background checks are often conducted inside offices rather than outside under the sun and interviewing people. This is because the most important tools in a background checks are public records stored in official archives. The three most helpful records in this case are arrest records, court records, and prison records, and these are all records that are considered as non-vital public records, making them easy to locate and easier to obtain.

El Dorado County Criminal Background Check

A request for a criminal history may be referred to the sheriff office and the office is bound to provide such history if indeed there are records of the same. The procedure is relatively simple and starts with the applicant first downloading the required form from the website of the sheriff office. It is also possible to just get the form at the office when the searcher goes there, because the request has to be in person. Either way, once the form is filled up, it must be submitted, in person, to the desk of the records department of the office. The search may take some time, so for the time being, the searcher is advised to head over to the cashier of the sheriff and to pay the required fee for the background check which is ten dollars per copy.

Perhaps it would also be advisable for the searcher to see what kind of unofficial information he could gleam from a deputy. Note that because they are the primary law enforcement agency in the county, the sheriff and his deputies often know a lot about the people in the county and this information could be helpful even if they are not considered important enough to be included in the criminal history. Once the criminal history is complete, all that is left is to pick up the record and the search is complete. Note that the criminal history report may be incomplete, but such reports do incorporate the content of arrest, court, and prison records so it may be possible that this is the only document required.

A more efficient form of searching for records that may be used for background checks is to search for the records using the internet. There are a number of online databases that contain the same information as the offices mentioned above, with most of them not charging anything at all. These sites provide their information faster and more efficiently, and because they are internet searches, they could be done from the comforts of the home of the searcher without the need to fall in line. Of course, if one is inclined, some of these sites provide background check services, though such requests may cost upwards of hundreds of dollars and could take time.

To request for a criminal history summary of a person at the sheriff office, follow the given procedure

  • Download the request form from the website of the sheriff.
  • Complete the form.
  • Submit the form to the records department of the sheriff office.
  • Pay the required fee which is ten dollars per summary at the cashier.
  • Once the paper that you had requested has been completed, claim the same from the records office.
  • Note that this may take some time so it is advised that you ask around about your subject for information that may not be included in the criminal history summary because it is not relevant to the criminal background of the subject.

El Dorado County California Background Check

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