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Duval County Background Check

Duval County background check is facilitated at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office. The said office has a branch called the Records Unit where the public documents are being archived for years and are updated on a regular basis. Aside from the responsibility of compiling such reports, they are also ordered by Florida law and statute to disseminate the records to whoever shall deserve to have a copy of it. The office keeps these reports through numerical files and electronic repositories so the local residents will have options as to which method they would like to go through.

Other than allowing a background check to be done before the sheriff’s office, they are also providing information on traffic crash and offense reports. Another branch of office called the Public Records Request unit can be tapped if you need more facts about a certain individual. They do feed more extensive set of data which you can leverage for background checking purposes. The right to access these public records is legally supported by the Florida State Statute (F.S.S.) 119 which entitles the public to be given the privilege or the lawful right to run a history check on people.

Duval County Criminal Background Check

The public records law outlines the vital steps in the process of doing a background check. Local residents in Duval must do the following procedure which includes contacting the Central Records Unit which is under the Sheriff’s Department;fax the request to the Central Records unit, email the request the address of the sheriff, or hand over a formal written request addressed to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office. On the other hand, the media will have the opportunity to access certain information too with the aid of the Public Information Office. They may visit the office in person or make a call using their landline number.

As for the records fees, the records search on local criminal history would cost $.15 per page and $.20 for a two-page report. More so, traffic crash report, offense, arrest and other reports cost the same amount as the ones for doing a criminal records search. However, note that such fees could change over time as per the prerogative of the records management. Thus, the best thing to do would be to call the office concerned in advance so that you would know how much money you are going to prepare for conducting a background check.By the way, fingerprinting would cost $5.00 per set or card if you will be required to have one.

Today, running a background search is very possible with the emergence of an online records provider. This time the entire process becomes paperless and therefore hassle-free for the fact that you no longer need to do all the paper works in compliance with the requirements being asked by the sheriff’s office. With this modern alternative on retrieving legal records, truth can be unfolded in just a few minutes at the comfort of one’s home. It can actually do more than that, for as long as you have Internet connection you will get the facts you needed anytime and anywhere.

Steps to execute a background check in Duval:

  • Go to the Records Unit under the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office
  • The reports are available via numerical files and electronic databases
  • You may also email or fax the request if you can’t do a walk-in application
  • The request costs $.15 per page and $.20 for two pages
  • Present your personal documents like a driver’s license ID as proof that you are a legitimate citizen in Duval

Duval County Florida Background Check

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