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Contra Costa County Background Check

There are many reasons why a person would want to conduct a procedure known as Contra Costa County Background Check. this procedure refers to the systematic search for records that could be used in order to establish the background of a person that is the subject of the background check in preparation for a number of other things, such as a requirement prior to employment, a requirement prior to approval for a loan, or even for other unofficial purposes such as because the neighbor of the subject of the search wishes to know more about him before allowing him to either babysit his children or house, or because the fiancé of the subject of the search wishes to know more about him before ultimately tying the knot with him.

Background checks are often criminal background checks and they are conducted by locating and compiling a number of records and documents. Typically, these records and documents include arrest records, court records, and prison records, collectively known as criminal records. These documents are classified by the law as non-vital public records and because of this classification, they are rather easy to access and copies of which are easier to obtain than copies of vital public records. Typically, these documents are filled in separate county departments and offices but copies of them could be found in the sheriff’s office as it is in this office where these records typically begin their life in accordance with the mandate of the sheriff as the primary law enforcement department in the county.

Contra Costa County Criminal Background Check

Contra Costa provides for a uniform procedure when requesting for copies of non-vital records, or at least, the first part of requesting is uniform. The official website of the county provides for a form that the searcher would have to download and fill up when requesting a form, though this same request form would have to be submitted to the department or office where the record to be requested for is kept. Thus, while this is uniform, it is possible that the searcher would have to follow the certain procedure of a certain office or department.

At the sheriff office, once the completed form had been submitted to the records keeper, who is a member of the sheriff department and is in charge of the records department of the office, the record requested for would be located. Once the record had been located, all that is left is to have the same copied, but a copy would cost one dollar per page, and because the sheriff is not the official custodian of public records, the sheriff could not certify as to the authenticity of the same.

There are some websites that advertise for complete background checks, and though these costs upwards of hundreds of dollars, they also are conducted without the searcher himself, so it may be an option. However, because of the costs associated with the same, it may be more prudent for the searcher to just use the internet in searching for the public records that could be used in background checks. There are a number of online databases that are helpful in this endeavor, and not only are these websites easy to locate and use, most of them are free to use. In addition, because they are internet searches, they are faster and more efficient, with the user not even being asked to fall in line or to leave his home in order to conduct the search.

The procedure to request for copies of record that could be used for criminal background check at the sheriff office is provided below

  • Visit the official website of the Contra Costa County and download the request form
  • Fill up the request form.
  • Once the request form is complete, head over to the sheriff office and submit the form to the records keeper of the records department.
  • The recorders keeper would now attempt to locate the record that you had requested for.
  • If the records exist, these would be shown to you.
  • Should you require it, a copy could be made, but inform the records keeper of the same.
  • A work order would be issued to you and on this work order would be the required fee.
  • Pay the required fee at the cashier.
  • With the receipt, return to the records department and claim your copy of the record that you had asked for.

Contra Costa California Background Check

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