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Colusa County Background Check

A person who had recently moved into a new neighborhood is liable to get a lot of visitors during the day. Not only would his new neighbors be welcoming him, they would also want to get to know the new neighbor and probably even attempt to offer their assistance. This scenario happens every day in almost every corner of the county, and in this scenario, there are two parties that would be well advised to look into the past of the other by performing a Colusa County Background Check. The two parties, of course, are the neighbors of the newly moved person and the person himself who had newly moved into the neighborhood.

Background checks are conducted using documents and records that are considered by the law to be non-vital public records. this classification made these records easy to be accessed by the public, because while public records are supposed to be available to the public at all times, the requirements for a person to obtain a copy of a non-vital public record is not as stringent as the requirement to obtain a vital record. The types of non-vital public records that could be used in background checks include arrest records, court records, and prison records.

Colusa County Criminal Background Check

Unlike other types of records, these records, often shorted to criminal records, are filled up not by the person to whom they refer to, but by the sheriff. Usually, there is even no participation from the person to whom the records would refer to when the records are filled up. Ordinarily, the sheriff’s office records department would pass on the filled up records to other departments such as the district attorney’s office, the probation department, or the county superior court, because these records would be of better use there, but the sheriff’s office would also keep a copy of the record for their own archives and because of the requirement of public access, the sheriff would be able to show these records to any person provided that the person requesting for them meets the minimum requirements imposed by law.

A person requesting for a record at the sheriff’s office would have to first go to the actual office of the sheriff for there is currently no online service for the same. At the front desk, the searcher should inform the deputy on duty of his intentions and the searcher would then receive directions to the recording department of the office where the records, or at least copies of them, are kept. Locating the records that the searcher wishes to see is a matter of procedure for the recorders at the recording department, but it may still take some time before it could be completed. Nevertheless, once the records had been located, the searcher could request for a copy of the same. The searcher would, of course, have to pay for the copying, but the fee is a modest one dollar per page payable at the cashier. Note that the sheriff could not certify the authenticity of the record as only the county clerk could do the same.

There are other departments that have custody of public records, but for those who require the records necessary for criminal background checks as fast as possible; the more efficient option would be to use the internet in order to conduct the search. There are a number of online databases that provide the same information as government offices and departments, but these online databases are often free to use. They are also faster and more efficient with their search, with the user not even being asked to either fall in line or to even leave their home. There are also some sites that provide not only the records itself, but a full background check though while the records are mostly free, full background checks typically costs upwards of hundreds of dollars to conduct.

The procedure to request for copies of criminal records from the sheriff’s office is given below

  • Head over to the Sheriff’s Office and inform the deputy on duty on the front desk of your intention to ask for copies of criminal records.
  • You would be directed to the records department of the sheriff’s office.
  • There should be a person on duty at the records department.Inform the clerk of your intention to ask for copies and provide for the specifics of the record that you wish to see.
  • The person on duty would return with the records that you asked for, if they exist. Otherwise, he would tell you the same.
  • If the records exists, and you wish for a copy of the same, inform the clerk who would give you an order form that you would have to fill up and return to the clerk.
  • On the order form, the clerk would indicate the required fee and direct you to the cashier.
  • Pay the required fee then return to the records department.
  • Submit the order form and the receipt. The clerk would validate the receipt but take the order form and give you your copy.

Colusa County California Background Check

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