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Calaveras County Background Check

It is easy to see why background checks have become necessary over the course of the past few years, the changing nature of the world, and the fact that trust is now something that is not easily given, had made these background checks almost necessary. Fortunately, Calaveras County Background Checks are relatively easy as background checks could be conducted using records and documents that are relatively easy to access. First though, one must consider the importance of background checks. A parent who would want to ensure that his children are surrounded by people who would not run off with them either in the neighborhood or in school, a business owner who wishes to ensure that his employees are not actually criminals who would make off with the contents of his store when he is not looking, a bank who wants to ensure that the person who is applying for a loan or an account with them is not actually someone who had managed to scale the wall of a prison, these are but three reasons and circumstances why people would want to conduct background checks.

As was mentioned before, background checks are conducted using records that are relatively easy to get. These records are relatively easy to get because they are public records classified as non-vital records. The classification means that the requirements necessary in order to obtain copies of these records are not as stringent had they been vital public records. In general, there are three types of non-vital public records that could be used by a searcher when conducting background checks, though these three are by no means the only types of records that could be used. These three types of records are arrest records, court records, and prison records.

Calaveras County Criminal Background Check

Arrest records are typically kept at the office of the sheriff, court records are the province of the superior court, and prison records are the responsibility of the probation officer. These three offices are not located under one roof, so if a searcher would require all three types, he could either visit all three of these offices, each with their own procedures, though they are substantially the same, or he could visit a central repository of these records in the form of the office of the clerk-recorder.

The clerk-recorder is the official custodian of all public records, vital records or non-vital records, which are filled within the borders of the county. In this regard, they have copies of all records and their procedure is also substantially the same as the ones in the first three offices mentioned. In order to obtain copies of records from the office, the searcher would have to personally locate either the original or the copy of the clerk-recorder at the archives maintained by the clerk-recorder. A copy of a record would cost one dollar per regularly sized page plus two dollars per document for a certification. Note that only the clerk-recorder could certify a document as that is part of their function.

Of course, background checks could be conducted using the internet. There are a number of sites that offer the actual service, but requests through these websites typically cost upwards of hundreds of dollars and, while exhaustive, could also take long which negates the primary advantage of internet searches, which is their speed. In addition, internet searches are generally more efficient and most databases that provide the same information as the offices mentioned above do not charge anything. As internet searches, they also do not have lines and could be conducted from the comforts of the home of the searcher.

The procedure to obtain arrest records from the office of the sheriff is given below

  • Head over the Sheriff’s Office and their records department.
  • You would be given a form where you should indicate the specifics of the documents that you would be requesting for.
  • Once you have completed the form, submit the same to the clerk who would then issue you a request order indicating in the same the required fee.
  • Head over to the cashier and pay the required fee.
  • It may take some time for the staff to locate the papers so you may be asked to return some other day.
  • Once the records had been located, they would be issued to you. Note that the sheriff’s office could not certify the records because only the clerk-recorder could do that.

Calaveras County California Background Check

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