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Butte County Background Check

There are many reasons why background checks had become necessary over the past few years. The changing situation of the world had necessitated these background checks for nowadays, people could no longer be sure as to the exact history of those whom they interact with everyday. This is true not only in the fields of business but also for those who wish to move into new neighborhoods and for those who had actually moved into new neighborhoods. Parents are well advised to look into the backgrounds of the people whom they, and their children, would interact with everyday.

Fortunately, Butte County Background Check could be conducted using documents that are easy to be accessed by anyone. This is because background checks are conducted mostly using documents and records that are not only considered to be public records, and thus generally available to the public, they are also classified as non-vital public records which means that they could be obtained at the county level, and the requirements to obtain copies of the same are not as stringent as the requirements necessary in obtaining public vital records. Non-vital public records that could be used in background checks include arrest records, court records, and prison records, though there are some records that may be used as references during their search. As was mentioned before, these records are available to the public.

The first place that a person who wants to obtain a copy of any record would be the office of the clerk-recorder, as the clerk-recorder is the official custodian of any and all records filed within the county. It is true that a person may file the original copy in another office, but as a rule, copies of any records are sent to this office making it a sort of one-stop for those who wish to obtain different records that was filed in different offices.

To obtain non-vital public records from this office, the searcher would actually have to head over to the office and personally request for permission to search. Permission is almost always given, and once it is given, the searcher may ask for assistance from a member of the staff or he could do the search himself. Either way, once the record had been located, the next step is to have the same copied and certified by the clerk. The copying fee is one dollar per regular sized page while the certification fee is two dollars per document.

Other sources of public records that could be used in background checks include the very offices where the original files had been filed, and though they do have different procedures and fees, in general, the procedures in this office are mirrored after the procedure in the office of the clerk-recorder. Note however, that a more efficient search could be conducted in the office of the clerk-recorder because not only are all records in that office, it is only the clerk-recorder who could certify public records of any kind.

Finally, for those who require the records as fast as possible and do not really require them to be certified, a more efficient and quicker option would be to search for the records online. There are a number of online databases that are connected with the county government, but because of California law, there is a limit as to what could be placed online by these databases, so it is suggested to just use databases that are connected with the government but do provide the same information as the government. These databases are faster with their searches and most of them actually do not charge anything despite the information being the same. Finally, there are actually some sites that may be located over the World Wide Web that would do the background check for the searcher upon request, though these requests typically costs upwards of hundreds of dollars.

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The office of the clerk-recorder procedure to obtain non-vital records is given below

  • Visit the Office of the Clerk-Recorder and make the personal request there.
  • Once permission is given, you may now enter the archives and search the records. Note that you may ask for the assistance of a member of the staff.
  • Once you had located the records, bring the same to the clerk and ask for a copy of the same. Indicate the number of copies that you would request for.
  • You would be directed to the cashier where you would be asked to pay the required fee. At this stage, you may also want to pay the certification fee.
  • Return to the clerk and show the receipt which would be validated before the clerk would give you the copy.
  • If you wish to have the copies certified, indicate the same to the clerk.
  • If you have not paid for the certification fee, you would be asked to pay for the same first.
  • If you had already paid, the clerk would now certify the copy that you had been issued.

Butte County California Background Checks

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