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Broward County Background Check

Broward Sheriff’s office got all the public and legal records in place for the future use of its local government and the people living within the area. They are leveraged on different occasion more especially during legal battles when credible facts or data have to be presented in court. The office then creates the Records Division to serve the role of a dedicated department which archives all the incident reports and assist on the requests to background check certain people. They are useful in many aspects; bottom line is that they function as an instrument for the county to be transparent in what they do to serve the people.

Background checking is something that the county has given special attention. In fact, they provide it to people for a number of purposes comprising employment, housing, adoption, immigration, and other personal reasons. They also called it as a good conduct letter, another term for background checks. Arrest records are also part of those that can be retrieved for background check use excluding the traffic violations and other incidents which did not lead to an arrest. Note that anybody can perform a check on someone else’ record provided that it has to go through the privacy and restricted information laws.

Broward County Criminal Background Check

If you are to perform a background check on a person you can technically do it via mail, in-person or through online. To do the mail method, you need to send in a formal letter addressed to the Records Division. The letter has to come with a self-addressed stamped envelope. For background checks you need to supply the following pieces of information which include the subject’s full name, race, sex and date of birth. For copies of accident reports you will have to provide the case number, date, time and location of the event, and the names of the people involved.

When doing a walk-in request on public and legitimate documents you basically fill-in the same data as described when requesting via mail. It could be a lengthy process if you go directly to the office concerned without knowing the basic details on how to perform the request. Thus, it is advisable that you make a call first to ask the important questions in order to initiate the search. The service fee will be paid through cash or check, credit or debit cards will not be accepted. The amount that you are going to pay depends on how tedious your request is. If the searching spends less than 15 minutes then you will pay $0.15 per page, if it goes beyond 15 minutes then you will have to pay $3.00, plus $0.15 per page.

To do the online application you simply go to the Online Report Request Form section of their website. You fill out the form completely and submit to Broward Sheriff’s Office. Today, doing a background check can be accomplished independently on your own with the aid of the Internet and an online record provider. You only need to find a legitimate website which provides public records being utilized for background checking purposes. You can simply do this modern approach in a most convenient way without having to comply with a lot of paper requirements.

Steps to conduct a background check in Broward:

  • Go to the Broward Sheriff’s office to initiate the search
  • The request can be done via mail, in-person or via online
  • The three processes require the same details including the subject’s full name, race, sex and date of birth
  • As for the payment, if the research takes less than 15 minutes you will have to pay $0.15 per page, if it exceeds to 15 minutes then you will pay $3.00 plus $0.15 per page
  • Payments are only made through cash, money order or check. Credit and debit cards will not be accepted

Broward County Florida Background Check

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