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Brevard County Background Check

The Records Unit in Brevard County Sheriff’s office is responsible for the compilation of public and legal documents of the people living within the county. It is where background checking can be accomplished if you wished a person to be checked about his past records. The checking on someone’s history is usually undertaken by companies that hire new employees, businesses which offer loans and among other legal requirements where the records had to be seen to make sure that a person is cleared or has a good record in the past.

The records retrieval service comes with fees including the local background checks charge costing $2.00 per name, for the case reports copies you will have to pay $.15 per page when the request go beyond 10 pages, arrest report copies cost $.15 per page when the request go beyond 10 pages, and all the other documents cost $.15 if it exceeds to 10 pages. Those who are requesting for a more extensive research on a particular person must send over payment in advance. In other words, if the work spends more than 30 minutes to complete the search then you will have to pay in advance for the service fee.

Brevard County Criminal Background Check

If your residence is far from the Records Unit office, then they will have the results delivered to the closest police station in your place and have you pick it up. Payments can only be accepted through the following; Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. If you are going to use credit cards, there will be a charge of $2.00 or 2.95%. Fingerprints are done within the Sheriff’s Department as well, specifically at the Criminal Investigation Building. So, you go ahead and fill out the fingerprint card and do the rest of the steps required by the said Division.

Also, Brevard redirects its citizens who are looking for records or information on wanted persons to the state’s online repository called the Florida Crime Information Center. This online database contains all the names of wanted individuals and other legal cases filed within the State. More so, you get to view all the current inmates within the county using their official web portal service. You just need to input the basic details about the subject such as his or her complete name, booking number, booking date, and the global subject number.

This means that Brevard County does not only do the manual way of distributing the documents but also do it by electronic means through the computers and the Internet. The job even becomes a walk-in-the-park nowadays with the advancement of modern technology where information can be obtained from home or anywhere else for as long as there is access to the Internet. It is completely safe for a fact that you can instantly search on the record of a particular person whom you want to perform a background check with. Nobody else would know what you do because you can do it in the most private place where you want to conduct the check.

Easy steps to do a background check in Brevard:

  • Visit the Records Unit to get started with the search
  • Pay $2.00 per name for the local background check, $.15 per page for case report copies, $.15 per page for arrest report copies and $.15 for records request.
  • Requests which require extensive research have to be paid in advance as per police of the Records Unit
  • Results are delivered to the nearest local police station for pickup
  • Payments are made through cash, mastercard, discover and American express

Brevard Florida Background Check

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